Wraith is creating a very boring/one sided experience


I just got out of a match where we won against the wraith. And I actually feel very frustrated about it.

This is not the first time this happened, but ultimately it’s just another notch on people’s negative opinions towards the wraith.

We won, because the wraith ran out of time. While stage 2. Maybe he wasn’t good, but he knew how to run VERY well. We only domed him twice, and in one of those domes, he just perpetually evaded us.

Many players are saying that the wraith is balanced. Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. I’m not a developer. I know that in beta he had a 70% win ratio because of his burst capability. I don’t know what the new statistics are, but I’m willing to bet it’s still considerably above 50%.

Anyhow, back to the topic at hand: The Wraith’s evasiveness is still too great. TRS developers nerfed him, and it still did nothing to prevent this. People just stopped using Decoy as the primary method of escape and now instead using Warp Blast to escape. But don’t get me wrong, they still use Decoy EVERY time it’s up. And I do mean every time.

I’m not sure how to balance Wraith but the first thing I would suggest is to limit it’s mobility severely. Every match I’ve played so far has come down to Wraith just perpetually running around the map evading us until it hits Rank 3. And yes, I realize that every Monster’s duty/role is to evade hunter…however all the monsters have counterplay in that they don’t go invisible and they don’t have a movement ability that is a get out of jail free card in their mobility moves. Goliath is great for mobility if you can climb to the top of something and leap, but can’t always get out of range of the dome. Kraken can fly, but it’s mobility in the air is limited duration and it’s main strength is while in the air, so catching it at the proper time or proper space can be great. Wraith doesn’t seem to be affected at all by where you dome her.

Ultimately most maps against Wraith just end up with hunters running around in circles and either succeeding/failing in defending the relay at Stage 3. All my friends that I’ve met and play with so far, and even random players, agree that Wraith matches feel very boring in that you never feel like you’re “catching” or even “tracking” the monster; you’re just running after the monster.

TRS I implore you to please scrutinize the gameplay of Wraith very carefully and very soon; otherwise a lot of your fanbase is going to just leave the game to find something that isn’t a frustrating and ultimately unpleasant gameplay experience.


trapper needs to trap. ive been on teams that take down a stage 3 wraith full hp by baiting wraith into kill points.


As someone who has played both as and against a Wraith extensivly I can say she is fairly blanaced. It is all just a matter of learning the counters. After all with Supernova and decoy you can just walk away.


Wait until you get a higher level and you get matched with good players because i in public matches usually win against wraith (i’m level 29). We usually trap the thing about 4 times in a match (excluding stage 3 because rarely do we get to trap it at stage 3 (due to it dieing so fast thanks to its low health that usually starts stage 3 with half health). Mind you i usually play trapper and im really good at the trapper now. Ussally the team goes striaght towards wraith but i go off to where wraith will run too.


Had a game where I domed W 6 times and kept the dart up on her for most of the game and only won after she was forced to come out because of the timer.
Most Ws are only interested in running and hiding till they reach stage 3 then they will attempt to destroy the relay. They dont usualy get to that point if you keep at its tail and they are ultimately forced to fight at stage 2 or run out of time.

They are realy boring games and evading these games is not an option either when everyone picks wraith.
5 games in row when someone else was a monster they picked wraith. Yeah queue dodgin is fun.

Hunting W is realy unsatisfying as she doestn feel like a monster, when all she does is hide and run. Even if you do kill her eventualy it doesnt give you the feeling of Win.

You will be swarmed with L2P comments tho as people flock to defend Wraith as they are unable to understand, that the point is not that if she is OP or not, the point is that she is not fun to play againts at all.


It’s all about how the Wraith player acts. When I play Wraith I like to make it enjoyable for the hunters, have early engagements, snatch the one who’s lagging behind, actually fighting whilst in the dome. I have a video on my channel of some of my Wraith play actually. I do think Wraiths mobility needs to be taken down a notch, three stamina warps and a warp blast can get you out of a dome no problem. Don’t be pissed at Wraith for hiding too much, of course you need to hide as Wraith sometimes. There is a difference between making the game enjoyable and being an idiot. At stage 1 running is understandable, for any monster for that matter. Stage 2, not so much.


I am like level 30 and I agree it can be incerdibly boring for Wraith but to be honest in a fight I dont have a hard time beating her. Finding her is a pain but decoy spammers are easy to punish as they wont have it when they need it. But yes Wraith is a bitch to actually pin down. Especially what with Harpoons being almost useless against her.


I really do love all the condescending responses:

“Oh Wraith used Supernova and Decoy? Walk away”

“Wait until you are a higher level” (I.e. I assume you’re a low level and therefore think that low level players don’t understand core concepts of the game)

Where did I say I didn’t win? I’ve won against Wraiths. Even Stage 3 Wraiths. The problem is the core concept of the game. Hunting the monster. Against Goliath/Kraken this is not a problem, they can evade just as easily without having invisibility, so IMO the fact that Wraith has this breaks her. Many games end with a very drawn out unsatsifying feeling, even if I win.

There’s no “close matches” against a Wraith. There are close matches with a Goliath who at stage 2 caught our group, or a Stage 3 Kraken you barely managed to beat. It’s just Decoy, Warp, Warp, Decoy ad naseum until the Wraith wants to fight. Even if you are on her tail the entire game.


MedicAndy, most players play to win and the path of least resistance right now is that winning is most assured at Stage 3. Not guaranteed, but the highest probability of course. Wraith players are just abusing her Rank 3 Warp Blast to get away from any engagement. And on the off chance you do dome her? Decoy/Warp Spam.


Yup, shame their aren’t many “fun” Wraith players :cry: I love playing games “down to the wire” most of the time


I must be weird as I dont use warp blast or decoy spam (not saying other people dont just saying I must be weird) To be honest I perfer stalking the hunters and snatching someone and getting a strike. Though I will agree that fighting a wraith is boring even when combat begins. Though for me its just cause they run so much when they could have fought and done some damage instead of dying.


i only go one into decoy. max warp blast, max super nova, 2 in abduction. ive only played wraith in join in progress games. maybe i suck but decoy seems fairly useless. i guess thats why im a goliath player.


It’s weird how OP state they beat the Wraith, that it wasn’t fun, and there’s posts that are talking about how to beat one. They are completely unrelated. Wraith feels fine but is not fun to play against. I don’t fear Wraith, I hate the jetpack simulator until I get a chance to fight one.

I have yet to feel good after playing a game with or against Wraith so much so that I haven’t even played as her since the beta. She’s broken (not overpowered) and needs to be fixed.


It sucks, sorry to hear it. I hate those sort of games too, they happen too often. Even when you win you’re just glad it’s over.


Sorry I didn’t mean to sound rude


Well for wraith to be balanced, you would have to be a full premade team, otherwise you have like 90 % chances of failing.

Seriously, I nearly got a wraith once, who was playing terrible, and still managed to win just because of the decoy and one supernova, meh.


There’s honestly nothing more to add to this whole Wraith argument. Wraith is to blame for Evolve’s declining success.


Shh its okay Kraken is secretly op and Wraith is keeping the players distracted.


Really because most of my wins/loses are close matches, huh.


Having to dodge a game 5 times in a row because the monster picks Wraith the fun killer realy makes other games look more appeailing.