Wraith is boring/too fast!


Now im a pretty good hunter and I love this game (just so everybody’s clear on that) but the wraith is straight up boring to fight. Even with an elite hunter in my group who can trap a kraken, behemoth, goliath like its nothing, the wraith seems to slip away… Why?! well I will tell you why, because its to darn fast, the wraith slithers away quicker than you can even see it. How this even made it to the game is beyond me. Those that say he is to slow, you obviously have no clue what you are talking about or are trolling. His decoy is the most overpowered thing I have seen on a video game as well. It lasts a good 10 seconds and can kill you while you are at full health. Takes zero skill to send out a decoy and the way these wraith players SPAM the decoy, it makes the game boring because you can’t trap it and it is like fighting two wraiths at times. This game is about strategy right?! Yes!! Ok then, wouldn’t it be wise to have a small fraction(and im talking a cabot rail gun shot small) of the wraiths health go away if you hit the decoy, I think it would because it would take away from the spamming of the decoy and add to the wraith players strategy, meaning like when he goes to use it he will actually use it during strategic times and not spam the darn button like a coward. Makes sense to me and all the other 10 players that I play with, and if you care about this game and want it to last then you should agree as well. I can’t wait to hear those that will defend the wraith here, this outta be good. And again just so were clear, I usually win as hunter, it just takes 35 minutes before the wraith finally fights. That timer shouldn’t stop but that’s another discussion for another day!! Peace and happy hunting!


I agree, out of all the monsters when you fight wraith it feels like a whole game of hide and seek till either she’s stage 3 or wants to fight you beforehand.

I think giving her more health at the expense of less invisilibity/speed would be better/fairer.


I have to disagree and say Wraith is currently one of the slowest Monsters and just has a smaller frame making it harder to keep track of.





  1. Wraith isn’t the fasted. 2. Decoy doesn’t last 10 seconds 3. Your topic is invalid


Cut her off. Honestly, people (including me, and I’m not even that good of a trapper) have done it PRIOR to the patch. Now she’s less gifted in traversals because Warp Blast has been adjusted. It’s really not very hard. Plus, who the hell even uses Deco before maybe Stage 3. Warp Blast and Supernova all day baby


I just want to point out that any pro Wraiths, max Warp Blast and Abduct at stage 2, or have 1 decoy, 2 abduct and max Warpblast. Supernova is a stage 3 skill at best, and thats only if you dont take decoy.


Im a allround player on x box one. All Hunters Monster Elite. I saw your since the Patch on 17.04. i think the gohst now the ,slow´´st monster now. But he is the smallest one. Whit Pro Team i have biggest Problems to win whit Ghost the Schild is a joke now (markovs mines make more dam than he have shild).


The wraith is a turd monster. Decoy is a skillless abality. It drags the games fun factor into the toilet. The last 3 wraith players: 1) ran out the clock, 2) waited for him at the PR, 3) had her lunch eaten by my team…3 wins that was 0 fun.


Eh, maybe on PC, on console, I find it to be too unprecise. With Supernova you can put genuine pressure on Stage 2 without relying on just Warp Blast.


Im sure both you and your trapper are quite good, but honestly it doesnt sound like either of you have quite learned how to deal with wraith yet. Please dont take this the wrong way, I couldnt care less about inflating my ego by belittling someone on the intrawebs (As serious business as it is)- I dont mean to be rude, at all. Id actually like to help you as best I can :slight_smile: (Im sure others can chime in as well :D) I understand Wraith can be quite frustrating and has a bit of a high learning curve for tracking (I found her infuriatingly annoying to begin with, ESPECIALLY pre-nerf!), but once youve got a few tips down and have a better understanding of things, shes much more than manageable. I dont pretend to be some mad tyte ESL pro, but at the very minimum Id be glad to share a few things I’ve picked up that have at least helped my personal wraith game. In my experiences I rarely find wraith any more troublesome to catch/dome than any of the other monsters, and easier in quite a few regards. I apologize in advance as this might turn out to be a long post, but if Ill do my best to make it worth the read :smile:

One important thing to understand about wraith, is how her speed actually works. Wraith both is, and isnt fast. Her traversals while “quick”, dont actually cover all that much distance, even when combing them with warp blast. The best way to describe her speed accurately in my opinion, is “bursty”. She moves short distances quickly, but doesnt travel long distances quickly. Goliath for example can usually cover longer distances faster than wraith can. By quite a bit. Understanding her traversals is key for trapping her, but Ill get into this a bit more later.

Decoy is far from the most overpowered ability in the game. Especially once you understand a few things about it. Decoy at stage 3 if I recall, only lasts 8 seconds. Yes it can deal a lot of damage, if you dont get away, but the AI on it is painfully simple. If cast from a distance, its overly easy to avoid with a simple neutral dodge (double tap space, no direction, going straight up with the boost), if any boost at all is even needed in the first place. If its cast in a fight, things get more interesting. Again, a simple neutral boost is generally enough to avoid the damage from it. If you DIDNT have the jet fuel to avoid it, well guess what- You probably wouldnt have had the jet fuel to dodge a rock throw, or a leap smash, or a charge, or a vortex, or a lightning strike, or a… you get the idea. And the invis in combat is next to useless with a half decent team. The “peeling” animation for when the wraith uses a decoy is quite easy to see. If the real wraith takes any damage while invis, she is revealed for half a second. This is a LONG time, more than enough time for anyone with an automatic weapon to keep damn good tabs on her. Have someone like hyde to set the wraith on fire? The invis nigh worthless. Decoy is actually relatively weak for combat once you know how to get around it.

The second and BIGGEST thing to understand about decoy, is if you SEE a decoy, wraith is near by. Wraith moves at 7.5 meters per second (Hunters run 5.5 meters for comparison). If decoy is at stage 3, lasting 8 seconds, wraith is at the MOST, within 60 meters. If you dont see foot prints, you know she was sneaking, and is even closer. Now look at the direction the decoy came from. You now know what part of the map wraith is at. With a half competent team, this is all the information youll need to maintain pressure on the wraith.

So how do you catch a wraith?

First and foremost, in my opinion, the BIGGEST thing for wraith, and this goes for ANY monster, is learn the maps. You should never be chasing a wraith. If you want to be reliably catching the wraith, you need to be cutting her off, not chasing her tail. If youre following the foot prints, youre doing it wrong. You need to know the maps to do this. Something key to understand about the maps is most of them look amazingly wide and open. But theyre not. Almost all of them are basically just “zones” tied together with a few hall ways. Typically speaking, 4 hunters is more than enough set of eyes to cover all the ways in and out of a zone. The trapper should stay back and communicate with the team to learn which path way the wraith is using, and cut her off before she can get to it.

Second big tip is using the wraiths traversals against her. Do not try to dome a wraith the moment you see it, even if its RIGHT on top of you. Again, her speed is bursty, and she can cover the radius of the dome quick enough to make this a sketchy idea under the best of circumstances. Keep tabs on, and count her traversals. Once shes used them up, thats when you catch her. Also keep in mind how warp blast works- and again, you can use this to your advantage. Warp blast travels 30 meters, and then the wraith pauses while it detonates the ability. The anterior wall of your dome will be roughly 60 meters in front of you. More then enough leeway to take advantage of the situation. The radius of the dome is actually about 50 meters, but the “projected” dome when youre holding it, compensates for the small fact that you throw the dome about 7 meters in front of you. Again, another thing to use to your advantage. “Throw” the dome in front of the wraiths path.

This doesnt get into specific hunter CC capabilities either. Abes stasis grenades should be getting use preemptively. Again, keep in mind those zones, keep in mind where the “path” ways are in and out, keep in mind where the wraith is going, not where it is. Use abes football arm to put those things in those pathways like mines so you slow down the wraith on paths she HAS to go. Maggie takes a bit more effort to set up, but is amazingly effective. use her harpoons to “cut off” a section of the map, then go around and flush the wraith towards them. 99% of the time of a monster recognizes the trapper, they will run away from them. Right towards your mine field, allowing you ample time to dome them. Crows stasis gun shouldnt need any explaining, nor should griffin- Cut them off with griff, toss the dome, harpoon them in the back, and laugh with glee as they are guaranteed to be stuck in your dome.

I can keep going, but hopefully you get the idea. Wraith is arguably the “trickiest” monster to catch, but once you know how, youll be catching her far more often than you dont.


3 abduct and warp is a weak build because it gives the hunters too much time between skills to recover. Supernova is extremely strong at stage 2 with 3 points in it. It’s just that many people don’t know how to use it properly.


It is also extremely fun and if you can get two strikes on a hunter a quick abduct and warp blast will kill them.
You’re like a freshly picked pinapple.


Wraith is way too fast. Please make it so she can’t move at all


Yep, every setup can be fun. The thing is you’re probably not going to get 2 strikes on a good team with that build.


u could easy before the heavy cd nerf




Why not?


Oops I meant to say you’re not going to get 2 strikes, on a good team, with that build. Sure, you can get strikes on the average team with any setup.


Because there’s too much time between your abducts and warp blasts for them to reposition, heal, and recharge their gear.


I still don’t understand why not? If I pull off a good abduct from behind or around a corner, what could they do to stop me from finishing the hunter off?