Wraith instant leave


I play tons of games as goliath and kraken with pubs over and over again and then…
i pick wraith once. What happens? Everybody leaves the game WTF!?
Today i have experienced i cant play any pub games without playing wraith. Something is wrong :D.


Nah it may have been your first time but it’s most likely their tenth. I play against maybe 15 wraiths a day out of 25 matches.


Mostly people don’t like fighting her.

It isn’t entirely she is OP or anything like that, it’s because she is so hard to catch people find her boring to play against, and leave.


Sadly it occurs in game lvl 35-40 :frowning: (PC).


I think the reason why people leave, is because they haven’t allowed themselves to realise that the problem doesn’t lie with Wraith, but with them as individual players.

During Alpha, kraken was broken, theres no reason denying that.
During Beta Wraith’s Cooldown on Decoy was too short, but aside from that one fact - there was no real issue.

Despite that she got nerfed by the no-warp-during-stealth change, but people keep complaining.
the reason behind that, is that people can’t track or keep up with the wraith properly, but this is NOT because wraith is broken, and it’s NOT because hunter jetpacks needs a buff.

It’s because predicting movement patterns is not something the average Evolve player does very well, having been 40 for a couple of days now. and played in a rock solid team pretty muhc since beta, it’s easy to see the difference between hunters who predict monster movement, and hunters who follow tracks.

and if you try to follow a wraiths tracks, youll never catch it.
But thats not all, because people are also incredibly subpar when it comes to kiting, and moving around in the terrain both in and out of fights. this usually leads to empty jetpacks, and that always ends up in bad positioning.

the Gap between tracking goliath and kraken, and tracking the wraith, is however really large.
the first numerous games i had against her post-launch, were long and tedious. But once i started predicting movement, and not throwing my dome unless the wraith had already dashed twice or once + warp blast, it became incredibly easy to track it down and dome it reliably S1/2.

Now when my team and i encounter the wraith it almost always ends S1.
and i know that most people wont have that kind of communication, so the only thing i can stress, is NOT stressing with the dome. take your time, even if you get ONTOP of the wraith repeatedly, but know it still has 2+ dashes and warp blast ready, then WAIT. chances are, that if you KEEP on its tail, without doming it - the monster will evolve and get caught in a dome while evolving. and by doing that the monster is now FORCED to go S3 if its not already dead, because its taken so much damage.

TL;DR it takes time to get to know the wraith properly. she needs a buff.


People play games for fun and to most players playing against the wraith is just not enjoyable…

So until they sort it in the patch (hopefully) then people will leave and find another game…

Better 2 minutes to find another game than 15 wasted minutes chasing a warp speed, decoy spamming wraith.


Well, even though we’re on the same team, I’m actually on the bandwagon of Wraith being rather boring to play against. Yes, we never have issues tracking her down or fighting her, but at the end of the day a game’s still something I’ll play for enjoyment. And running around for a good 10-15 minutes (public setting here, I know you get 'em faster Dennis :stuck_out_tongue: ) with a chance of catching her is just not that fun. So yes, she maybe could use a buff, but I still think the cooldown on the Decoy needs to go up. The ease of use on a Wraith vs the other Monsters is still too high. The amount of times even in our games where all a Wraith has to do is LoS and Decoy spam in a dome is still a lot higher than it should be. And because it works, those players guilty of playing Snooze-Wraith will never ever change their strategy. Wraith should definitely be viable as a stealthy Monster, but it shouldn’t be the only strategy to actually work, nor should it be one that is detrimental to the actual fun factor on the Hunter side of things. I think that’s the biggest issue right now. Balance wise the game is in an okay state and I think we’ll see improvement once the balance patch actually comes out; but from an entertainment standpoint having a character only be enjoyable on the controlling end and not on the receiving end is in my opinion not ok. Easy fix though: Make her require more thought to play, make her harder. Leave the option for stealth open, but let it be in a way that doesn’t subtract from the game experience.


Everyone wants her to get nerfed… if you take away wraiths ability to be the most mobile monster she’s DOA! She has little health as it is and a pathetic shield… people need to learn how to properly track her, if a monster is moving in a clockwise fashion around the map, CUT THEM OFF! Most monsters move in a circle, pay attention to the after game map and you can see it plain as day what you are doing wrong. Learn from your mistakes. I mean i’m really good with her so i can pretty much stealth around hunters 10 feet away from me and avoid the circle of death, but a good hunter vs a wraith going in circles = a dead wraith.


I don’t want the wraith to be nerfed…I want it to be changed…I want it altered so it has to be played a different way…
In 99% of public games there will not be the cooperation required to catch and trap a creature so fast and evasive.
And unless I’m the trapper if i find it myself what am I supposed to do???either it will kill me on my own or whoosh…it’s decoy and off it goes…

It’s not about it being OP, it’s about it not being fun to play against…


I can understand where you are coming from, but then wraith needs an overhaul because a simple CD increase simply wont do :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah that’s my worry…I don’t want her to become a laughing stock as her powers are removed…but I know it’s gonna take effort to get the rework right…

I still love the game though, so much they have right and so much potential.


You’re deluded. Macman himself said that wraith win rate was too high and she’s getting big changes. The dev know better than you and have more data than you’ll ever have. Wraith is getting justifiably nerfed hard.




Am looking forward to all the wraith player posts if that happens lol…
The forum will explode…


Do you have a source to back up that claim? As far as I know, there haven’t been any statements made saying Wraith’s winrate is too high right now? So do please provide us; or at least me; with a source for that information. Otherwise it just seems you’re angry over Wraith’s slipperiness.


I very much doubt he would source Macman and be lying.


Wraiths winrate was too high in teh beta - yes, absolutely. but it isn’t right now.

People always assume the worst when someone uses the words buff and nerf
she needs both, dmage on decoy has to go, or the uppercut on it has to be removed, meanwhile warp blast could use alittle more damage and a little longer cooldown.

[quote=“CivRules, post:15, topic:40298, full:true”]
This person is on crack! Wraith needs a buff, nah not at all. I don’t mind her the way she is, but a buff would make her truly OP

You sir are talking rubbish, yet again!.[/quote]
Always assuming the worst are we?. i hope one day youll learn to ask before oyu assume people are villains.

I haven’t heard anything from Macman about wraith needing a nerf since before launch.
i won’t call him a liar, because i could’ve missed something. but unless he can provide proof, ill go by the experience i have with my 239 hours played (beta + launch). and say that shes not where she needs to be, and its not because shes too strong.


Prepare for the next iteration. I dislike changes to her too given how fragile she is, but well.


Wraith is going to get some sort of nerf for sure. People are starting to figure out that through certain combinations of abilities that she can almost fly.


If wraith is fine, why did macman say she was receiving a big rework?