Wraith in defend! Is it possible?

Yes people. We are talking about wraith being the selected monster for defend. I have a tough enough time playing defend due to me forgetting about the objective and focusing on the hunters. I know this lol. Anyways, please share your experiences/strategies as wraith, (or as other monsters). Include where you placed your points/which perk you chose. Or just an experience that comes to mind. Thanks.

Step 1: 3 WB, 3 SN, 3 AB
Step 2: Die
Step 3: Realize you should never pick Wraith on defend
Step 4: ???
Step 5: Profit

Ok but really, the build above works good for just bursting down a turret/turrets, running off asap, then harassing the hunters whilst the minions go HAM on the Generator.


Lmfao :joy:. I was about to take a drink while reading your steps. Thank god I didnt. It WOULD be all over me.

[quote=“Cody_Bracken, post:3, topic:68364, full:true”] I WOULD be all over me.

Eww XD
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I have done it against full auto balance, with armored minions. It is much different than the other monsters.

Now that she has armor stage 3 it is doable.

I take 1 ab/ 2 dc/ 3 wb/ 3 sn
Against non defense comps take out the medic and assault. then go after the turrets.
Against defense comps take out the turrets and run, pressuring the assault.

It takes a lot of finesse, but it can be done. If you are able to get on the generator with supernova it can be busted up in no time, so you can afford to wait out the minion timer for a good long while.

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Oh god. Corrected!

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wraith - abduction 3, warp 2, decoy 3 and super nova 1 - good stuff. That’s assuming you’re any good at abduction.

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Is it possible? Yes. Is it the hardest mosnter to win defend with? Easily yes. Defend gives wraith the true definition of “staying in combat too long melts you” term.

I only saw wraiths winning defend near the early days of the game. I haven’t seen her in defend since. She gets blasted to easily in defend. She’s not fast enough for defend and too big.