Wraith - Hit by harpoon, can't attack or do anything when in targetting


As you can see, I was stuck in targeting. This happened multiple times that fight but not as long as that last one. It immediately stopped trying to target when the harpoon caption disappears. Not entirely positive its related, but likely. I couldn’t attack or do any other abilities - I was slamming on every button. And because the harpoon was attached and I could do nothing about it, almost over 1/2 my HP is depleted thanks to the bonus damage!


Well that sucks. :confused: I had a similar issue with the Goliath, trying to throw a rock. I wonder if it happens for Kraken and AS/LS?


are you both on PS4? Same thing happen with me as kraken with Lightning strike on PC.


I was playing a custom match against a Kraken and he got stuck on a rock after getting harpooned onto it.


Yep the video is PS4 btw.


I was stuck in a tree after harpoon, couldn’t get out for 15 seconds… Wasted traversals trying to un-glitch myself.

This was with Kraken.


And what horrible timing for that to happen, geez.

Not related to harpoons, but I noticed that Wraith can sometimes get stuck under the underhang of the little one-story building down the ramp from the power relay on Distillery. You can warp or warp blast under it accidentally, then you get stuck partially inside the building and it’s really difficult to get back out again.


Same thing happened to me again the other night.


Happened to me as Wraith too, on PC, several times. Stuck in Abduct mode for >10 seconds, unable to move.


Bumping this. Was playing on Xbox One with a friend and it also happened there too, again!


Yeah please fix this -__- Waited to play my placement matches until i felt prepared so i could get a good start on ranked and this happened to me my second game. Xbox one here. Kindof annoying too since the only reason i was playing monster at all was due to the awful hunter queue times.