Wraith Heavy


Can you please fix the apparent Wraith heavy bug? In both games I played today, against a premade and a hacker I had to apparently deal with this bug.

Apparently when you abduct or warp blast or do really any ability what-so-ever, even when you don’t use abilities the heavy attack will take an abnormally long time to activate. This completely kills any comboing ability Wraith ever had.

I’m quite upset right now and if I’m told that this is by design then I’m going to get even saltier because that would mean that Wraith is effectively useless. Against a good Griffin, Val, Hank combo it is impossible to get away then when you couple this bug on top of it where they can just jetpack boost upwards and out? Are you kidding me.

Ugh. Today Evolve has really not been a good day.


It’s getting fixed in the TU.

Confirmed here.


Thank the lord. Time to not play until TU09, my best Monster is literally unplayable and there’s a chance the PC hacker will dodge another ban so… ugh.


Out of curiosity, what was the hacker doing exactly?



Yup, as TrickshotMcgee already pointed out, this should be fixed in TU9. Since there’s not much more to discuss, I’ll close this now.