Wraith Heavy Melee stuck in Slow-Mo animation making her unplayable. [PC]


Ever since TU8 landed, Wraith has been unplayable for me because her heavy attacks would play out in slow animation. It is extreamly frustrating because it makes comboing ineffective and drastically effects damage out put.

I don’t believe lag is the only reason that’s causing this for me because this is something that I don’t have problems with any of the other monsters.

Its sad because I can’t use with with abduction, I can’t use supernova because I have to heavy first before it lets me into the supernova effect. :frowning:



There you go :slight_smile:

[quote=“Insane_521, post:5, topic:81340, full:true”]
This is something @LordDeath has fixed on our dev builds. It will be in the game in a future update (not in TU08).[/quote]

I believe that’s what you are referring to.


That’s great to hear, I thought I was just crazy.


Being so it has already been fixed in the dev build, do you mind if I go ahead and close this thread?


burn it with fire!


Burnt with fire as requested by op. :wink: