Wraith heavily inspired by xenomorphs?


So, after spending the day staring at this sneaky little b*tch, I’m starting to really get a xenomorph vibe off of her. She has no eyes (that I’ve seen), she has the spines coming out of her back, she looks almost skeletal to me, she is a stealthy assassin style monster, the way she curls up when sneaking reminds me of xenos on all fours, the scythes remind me of the ravager xenos for AVP extinction, and even her smooth head reminds me of the heads of the xenos. I remember hearing someone say that Goliath was like a mix of Godzilla, King Kong, and xenos, but I see much more of them in the Wraith. Opinions?


Wraith seems fairly unique to me, but I would accept an argument that the imagery for Wraith bares similarities… I think Wraith is cooler though :stuck_out_tongue:


Its in the vents!!!


I agree it is limited to appearance and methodology of the way she hunts, and yes, I would dare say that the Wraith is cooler, but not by much. I think the xenos are more intimidating due to their reproductive cycle (it’s one thing to be food, it’s another to be a live incubator :stuck_out_tongue:)


I think Wraith was kinda a coincidence, no eyes to make her more inhuman looking etc, and spikes are just how monsters roll :stuck_out_tongue:
regardless, cannot deny that it looks similar


I feel as if the inspiration from “Alien” went into the Wraith (overall) and “Predator” went into Goliath (mandibles)


But dude. Did you see the way the Wraith EATS!?!? IT LITERALLY SUCKS THE GUTS OUT OF ITS PREY. SUCKS. THE GUTS. OUT. Not to mention the fact it can abduct people to like way far away. The Xenomorph’s are scary, but the wraith for me is just terrifying. I was never really one for scary movies or media at all, but I can’t imagine what it would be like playing against the Wraith. Can’t wait.


I definitely see some xenomorph in there, but to my joy, the closest similarity I see is to slivers. Look at these things:

These critters have been my favorite monsters since I was a kid. I never thought I’d get to play a game with an improved version in it, though the similarity is more than likely a coincidence. Plus, put one of these in a blender with a xenomorph and you get Wraith.


Yup, I play Magic 2014 and can see a resemblence to some of the slivers, as for the abduction, isn’t that basically how xenos take down squads? Sneak in, pick someone off, then drag them away for some hugs?


Haha I thought sliver as well, I’ve always been fascinated by xenomorphs and slivers which would probably explain why im so excited about wraith.


to be honest I see some xenomorphs qualities in kraken more than wraith


I thing this looks incredibly similar!


Reminds me of Slivers from MtG, also the speedy Necromorphs from Dead Space.


you r right indeed


Heres a meme for this discussion


sick le maymay


random fun fact. alien vs predator extinction is 40$ on amazon and ebay…


I ended up playing it, not terrible, but I dislike playing RTS on consoles almost as much as FPS.


all it needed was a multiplayer. I thot it was golden lol. i loved that game which is why iv been hunting for it. there are games 6 months old cheaper than this game right now. its crazy!


Yup, I would love to see some company polish it back up slightly and re-release it for PC + Consoles and add multiplayer.