Wraith hacker


Hey i just went on to play a game on evolve and theres one guy who prefers monster. when the game starts he is still around the spawn so we dome him. we’re like running around looking for him inside and then we see him on the outside. at first we thought it was a glitch of some sort. so we’re like “what ever lets just find him again” then we trap him another time and he starts flying into walls. He had like 0 cooldowns and he was playing as wraith so he even tossed me out of the map. Can anyone like ban him or how do you report players that cheats?


Please PM @MrStrategio and/or @ArPharazon. :slight_smile:


Last year I watched a Steam translation. There was a guy who played like a Wraith and flying below the map. When I told him that he is hacker, he said that developers are guilty, that does not protect the game


An apt reply would be to tell him if a robber took his money and stabbed him in the gut, he better not complain about the lack of safety because its his own fault for carrying money and not having abs of steel