Wraith hacker/bug spamming decoy


Hello All,

I recently played a game where a Wraith player was literally spamming decoy. the second my team was able to take the decoy down, he simply used it again. this lasted the entire match, and not one time did the monster pick up the ability cool down reduction buff from the mammoth bird. I’ve been playing the game since release to give credibility to my observation.

I don’t know if this guy was hacking or exploiting, either way it was not a fun match. The guy’s name was Zeta. Anyway I thought i would share.


You only played so much evolve so you would have credibility? :smiley:


Decoy doesn’t take damage, it only goes away if:

  • It’s duration runs out.
  • The wraith cancels it by using another skill, attack or traversal.

[quote=“rusty17, post:1, topic:47669”]
ability cool down reduction buff
[/quote]Wraith doesn’t need it, because theres 30% CDR as a perk.

While i know hacks exist in this game, and there are people abusing them violently.
This entire story sounds like: [quote=“rusty17, post:1, topic:47669”]
I’ve been playing the game since release
[/quote]Haven’t tought you how wraith actually works.


Just to put the above comments to rest. He had his decoy up the entire time in every encounter throughout the 20 minute match. I’m sorry if my initial post wasn’t clear.


I will second this. The PC player’s name is Zeta The Sixth. He plays Wraith with no cooldown on his abilities or traversals, using them whenever he pleases. I am saying this having played him twice. In one of those games a team mate recalled playing as monster against Zeta(trapper), and in that game there was no cooldown on the domes.

There’s only one Zeta the Sixth on steam:


I’ve also played with and against this person, both times he was doing some crazy stuff. As the hunter he seem to always have infinite jet fuel and as the monster he didn’t have any cooldown on his abilities. He too played a Wraith against me at one point and activated a decoy every time the decoy would vanish. Sadly I didn’t get any video of him that round, but here I was hoping he was going to be banned.