Wraith Grounder perks useless - Hunters have infinte jetpack despite supposed "Slow" effect



Been seeing this over the past few games I’ve played in a rando group. Abduct a hunter, give them a smack, and they still just 4 jet boosts and clear their way across the dome with 0 issue. Try to catch up to them with traverse/WB, and they still have even more fuel! Maybe it’s just that I’ve been playing Wraith who apparently can no longer keep up with local wild-life despite hammering traverse and using WB. In any case, even with full perk Fly Swatter and Full perk Grounder, the hunters can still get away by spamming their jetback.

So much for a giant monster, give me a car with a .50 cal and we’ll kill her because she’ll never catch up to us.

It doesn’t help that Wraith is getting slaughtered against anyone with any teamwork because of how slow she is, but this is just silly, at least let us stop the hunters.


Take ability cooldown instead of these stupid Fly Swatter / Grounder perks. Or stop playing Wraith until she is fixed.


There is no monster perk that limits dodge usage.Hunters can still do 4 dodges.The grounder perk reduces the distance of the dodge,and it’s a huge penalty

Keep in mind only melee attacks apply this.I hope you’re not doing warp blast in a group of hunters and expect them to not be able to dodge after


No, I’m doing abduct and then using a left click to slow them down while they’re tumbled. The hunters use a single jetback boost and then have boosted further than Wraith’s own traverse.

Also, wraith is slow as molasses, I don’t understand how to play her outside of very particular places on the map, or against hunters who have no compositions, or don’t know what they’re doing.


Hmmm, that doesn’t seem right to me. If you manage to record it that would be great.


Hunter could have run dodge boost perks for silver and gold maybe. Extra 16% make a big difference. Take you out of a supernova in a single boost.


Yeah, true, maybe. Would not be the worst perk against Wraith for sure.


Best perk to counter SN… Yup it is