Wraith Gameplay Style



When the game first came out she was on the impossible side of things but then you guys at turtle rock tuned her down and it was great. But now it feels like she is back to release status I was wondering if Im alone on this or not. If I am alone on this is there any tips to avoid this abduction that seems to never miss(even through walls) and or good combos to defeat the witch.



I dont think the release version of Wraith will ever come back, that was a mess lol. However I feel like she is was better than she use to. My loss records are still the highest against this monster and I agree with you that there was a time when they got her just right. I’m sure others think of it differently. I think that stamina gain is still very good on her and that is what costs me the victories, still has insanely good mobility, gets her in and out in all the right times.

Staying on her with debuffs/tracking and not bunching up too closein combat is the best strategy I could suggest. Still trying to figure out some tactics with her she is very unpredictable, just like she was meant to be portrayed.


Decoy does a bit too much damage, I think. Especially considering Wraith has a lot of knockback and then Abduction. In a game about an hour ago, Wraith knocked me into a little crevice in a cliff face and Decoy took over half my health in about four seconds. Which isn’t that short, but since it didn’t knock me back it was just following me and it bodyblocked me from escaping too.


I believe they said that they plan on nerfing decoy and supernova in the next week or so.


The two of them together too do so much friggen damage I remember a match yesterday where it felt like I got instakilled and it was stage 1 lol. Crazy stuff.