Wraith freezing Abduction Bug


So I have noticed this bug for a long time but haven’t mentioned it.

If you choose to abduct near by and towards the ground, wraith freezes for several seconds, like glitch.


Say a hunter is point blank from you… You press the button to abduct but wraith freezes in abduct position for many seconds. Then it everything returns to normal



I had this happen on Xbox warp blast fixed it.


I think this is an internet issue more than anything. I get it reliably when I have high ping.


Abduction bug has been fixed … it’s not completely fixed … it’s very rare to see it now (1 out of 50) matches

@chrono I’ve noticed that too

Warp blast animation bug is still there … it happens after the pounce


I usually have excellent connection… wired

I usually am at 40-59 ping post game surprisingly


Here’s a video of said buggyness.


Please also report this using the Issue reporter;

I believe you may be able to use your TRS forum name in lieu of an e-mail (unsure if this has been set up).


I’ve had this happen when I wanted to abduct and perhaps it was taking too long, but the animation simply got stuck for while and then executed.


I was about to post this same thing. I had this happen to me this morning.