Wraith fleeing till 3 on coop. (Is wraith even intended?)


Sometimes we’d go a whole game without catching her as she’s too fast and too bursty with her movements.

She’s fast enough to keep away but doesn’t feed enough to get to stage 3 most of the time and it ends up being a game that finishes on a timeout. :frowning:

Is wraith even intended for coop?


She’s running to save herself.

She’s afraid to come in and attack at times on the off chance that she might win and that someone from that salty Hunter team might come in and claim for another nerf.

I mean she’s screwed by Nerfs if she wins a fight, she dies if she loses and now with it being a “bug” that she has some self preservation she’ll now be programmed to stuff her face in your bosom.




It really is the hunters complaining that has destroyed a lot of the gimmicks and functionality of the game and its a chase the devs cant get out of.



Can we please not turn this into another hunter demands/whining is ruining the game kinda thing. …even if it is true.

I just want to fight the monster, even if it is in coop. :frowning:


True true, i was just following up with the other post becuase he is right.

The ish is that if they change it for co op its prob going to change it across the board with evolve and that might be a worse balance.

I would suggest having a sunny on the team for support and caira for speed boost as well… And if you use Maggie, Daisy will give you a minor lil speed boost if you stay with her.


Maybe even Parnell as Assault cuz Drugs OP with dat speed.