Wraith Fix


The Wraith, the interesting stealth pick for monster lovers, has also been described as overpowered. One of the huge reasons is most likely the Decoy. i have noticed that the cooldown for decoy starts when the ability is first used, and it is nearly half off of cooldown when invisible for the entire time. This way, it punishes players who don’t know how to use wraith, by putting decoy on longer cooldown for no reward, while experienced wraith users will abuse this by spamming the decoy. The solution? Instead of starting the cooldown at the start of the ability, start the cooldown timer when wraith comes out of invisibility, thus fixing the problem of punishing newer players and rewarding this ability abuse.

While i’m at it, the supernova. It feels like the range doesnt even matter, and can be spammed. Like with the Decoy, cooldown starts at the end of the power, and maybe shink the range.


In my opinion, i think that the Wraith should have relatively high cooldowns for most of her abilities, but have devastating effects when they hit, sort of a high-risk high-reward, where every ability used counts. as she is now, i think her abilities are far too spammable.


I like the idea of supernova CD begins after it ends.
As for the decoy except from what you said it needs more overall cooldown anyway.


Increase the cd of cooldown and lower its dmg. Really why is it the only ability that gets + 75% dmg put it on 30% and for 3 on 39% just like the others then it should be fine with the increased cd.


While the damage may be a bit of an issue, the main point (I think) is the cooldown, which should start at the end of being invisible.


They already have it covered.TRS jumped on the ball during the beta and are already working on a few tweaks. Nothing major, but it should be enough.


Yeah, it could be a solution.

Another is to stop thinking that Decoy have a 6 sec cooldown (see that in another thread) or can be permanantly up. Decoy have somehting like 20/30 sec cooldown, Hunters just have to learn how to find Wraith quicker.

Decoy have great damage, dodgeable, but… still great. I think Decoy can be nerf a little, not because you can’t dodge that damage but because you must use your jetpack/spells a little too much for that. Then Wraith pop and… you have nothing left.

Even if you keep all of your jetpack/spells for her, the decoy kill you, sooooo, maybe a little nerf necessary.


This is kind of my mindset as well, that the wraith needs a slight rework, but nothing drastic. I do think the scales are tipped in the wraith’s direction, but i really think that damage isn’t the (biggest) issue, mostly the cooldowns: when they start and how long they go on for. The delayed cooldown will not only fix the issue of inexperienced players failing and experienced players dominating, it will also create windows of opportunity for the hunters.


I think that Decoy needs the cooldown to start once decoy ends because with the duration of the decoy increasing per rank the uptime scales way too quickly. It might not even need a cooldwn increase if that were the case.


i agree with what you are saying but instead of the cool-down starting at the end of the ability it should start halfway through it with a longer cool-down. another is that with the wraith, when the wriath is hit with a tranq or something like that and it spawns a decoy then both the decoy and wraith should highlight because of that and give the hunters the choice of which one to go on. the one thing that i would advise is that you don’t nulify the decoy so that it deals no damage because then it would become a ability that would become useless.


I partially agree with you there. Absolutely keep its ability to deal damage, as that part makes wraith more flexible. However, if both the wraith and its decoy are highlighted, it should still be obvious at a glance which is which, as only the decoy is attacking and the wraith is running away. I think that highlighting an invisible wraith would render that ability moot, which no one wants. In addition, the “halfway point” idea I’m not a fan of. This fixes the problem of newcomer wraiths, as the decoy cooldown starts immediately, but that still leaves the problem with decoy abuse.


if the decoy does no damage then if the hunters good enough tell that its a decoy it doesnt matter how much the wraith spams it if the hunters ignore the decoy and keep chasing the wraith

but the decoy will still be very useful for those that know how to use

  • lead them on a false trail while you escape invisible
  • use the knock back effect of the decoy to knock hunters into other predators
  • use it to make the hunters think they domed a decoy while you hide in the dome
  • block a choke point with the decoy

but as it is and will be as long as the decoy does damage the wraith can just spam the decoy to hurt the hunters without ever fighting itself…
seems pretty boring for a monster that should be all about stalking the hunters with hit and run tactics =/


One Decoy by itself should never be able to take on a completely healthy hunter (in my opinion) as long as you have a competent medic. So while, at the moment, the wraith’s Decoy may do too much damage, completely getting rid of damage for the wraith will make it much more situational. It will also lead the hunters to almost always ignore the Decoy once it’s been confirmed it’s a fake.


agreed it shouldn’t but a wraith player can get a few downs using the decoy softening up the hunters for stage 3…

surely any good hunter should be rewarded for realising its decoy? rather than having to still waste time to kill it anyway?
and only way they would know its a decoy is if the wraith player used it in front of them or the hunters realise while getting knocked around their health hasn’t been going down
the former its the wraith players own fault for misplaying
the latter could take a few seconds to notice if at all if no one is checking their health while a monster is trying to kill them… and even if not the wraith still gets invisibility for a get away

it just seems that a power that can be both offensive and evasive at the same time is gonna be OP and personally I think the wraith would be better off with decoy as a pure evasive power making it play more hit and run tactics relaying on its other powers for damage which would be more fun for both monsters and hunters