Wraith fix incoming

Thank you. ;W;

hot fix patch for MG.

The hype is there just slightly delayed

So… um hotfix is live.

From the sounds of it, yes.

Well I’m downloading it so and and @DamJess would never lie to us

True, it’s that @Matthew that we can’t trust :unamused::persevere:

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Now Im pissed because there are going to be so many Wraiths :frowning: I dont hate her because of losing against her or anything, I win almost all of my games against her. I just dont feel like chasing her down until stage 3 every game, without her fighting once. She is even fun to fight if she actually tries to fight, since decoy isnt as OP as launch.

On PS4? I’ll play you with my fighting cosmic wraith

So why is the patch so ridiculously large 12 GB for so little seems a bit ridiculous unless they stomped oit like a thousand bugs

I got 1.4…

Hope I get to fight you in the future… huehuehuehuehuehue…

Don’t worry, I’m one of those that’ll fight you at s2, maybe s1 if you can catch me :wink:

Good, if all Wraiths played like that I would love fighting her.

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You only got 1.4 gigs I git 12 something maybe my playstation misread it I’ll go check

PS4 had some changes to matchmaking maybe thats it.

I always engage atleast once at stage 2. Usually I keep fighting until I win or lose at stage 2 unless they are stomping me at stage 2 like what just happened when I got matched against a silver expert premade with a gold rank hunter on broken hill foundry.

No you were right it skipped through 11 gigs when I check it

The foundry though… that one is apain, even though it is perfect for wraith.

It’s just too dang small.

I hate it as a hunter and as a monster. I like big maps where I can get some distance and sunny isn’t boosting them across the map.

I like it as a wraith player, but I don’t like how it has no room to avoid the hunters. If it was a little bit bigger I would be happy.

Form a combat standpoint though, I love it as a wraith player.