Wraith Evolving while Decoy is Active Bug


I was playing as Wraith and when I attempted to Evolve while Decoy was active, it did not give me the options to put points into my abilities. No UI popped up to select powers and I ended up losing because since i couldn’t pick any abilities Wraith just stood there and there was nothing I could do.


Known. If I had to guess this bug would probably be one of the high items on the bug list. I’ll check on it tomorrow.


I can vouch this happens. Just happened to me in-game. It was rather hilarious for me since it kept doing the evolve process over and over while the decoy was active before I FINALLY hit the screen.


So I think the key is we need to figure out what is causing the Evolve Process to repeat over and over and over again. when I launch the Decoy and Evolve it doesn’t happen but every video I have seen of this has the Wraith doing the Evolve Process over and over. Any info you guys have on what you are doing right before you evolve or even during would be helpful. Are you guys noticing any lag in the games that this happens?


It was actively attacking a mammoth bird on Wraith Trap, the plateau area inside of the forest (all the way in the back).

Beyond that, not much else different with it.

Edit: Strange. I thought it was because of it trying to attack wildlife or some such. I can’t get it to replicate again in-game during a solo match. The only other difference is that the bug occurred during a multiplayer match.

Edit #2: I THINK I was in close proximity to the decoy too, does the decoy have collision for the Wraith herself? That may be what’s causing it.