Wraith dodges out of arena?


As seen on PC, defend map, against bot monster.

Pretty sure it was the Wraith and not its decoy because I abesomely darted it. The monster dodged out of the boundary of the arena and back in. Might be a bot thing, but if it can be done by players I can see this being a pretty nasty thing.


Never seen a -captured- Wraith player get out of a dome.

They definitely have a knack for escaping domes before they’re trapped, though.


Not sure what the problem is here. A monster and a hunter can walk into the arena if they so wish. It’s rare that you actually want to be inside of the arena but it happens that people throw the dome somewhere I want to fight and I jump back in.

I don’t know why this bot would choose to get back inside the dome. Perhaps it used Abduct and ended up back inside the dome at the end.


No, I never see Wraith bots actually use abduction. This wasn’t either. It happened close to a map edge wall, so it could be some pathing issue.


I have seen a Wraith literally leave a closed dome. Wasn’t the wall climbing bug. But has only happened once.