Wraith detesting


After playing the game for a while and browsing the forums I’m thinking that it may not be the monster it’s self but in fact it’s the players we should be annoyed at, I know this sounds like a complete hate thread or going to and if it turns to that please by all means shut it down but hear me out;

A lot of the complaints are to do with the spam of decoy and supernova right? but who’s fault is that sure you have the option to use them but you could also throw the points into something else;

Another thing is that the wraith just spends all match running, but there’s a crap ton of games with goliath and kraken that do the exact same thing where they just spend all game jumping or flying or whatever to avoid combat and just come back and mop the floor with the hunter, yes I am guilty of that just to prove a point.

So in conclusion (albeit a crappy amount of evidence but screw it I’m too tired to put in full detail) The wraith is an ok monster and it’s actually the people who play who are at fault, and because of all the ‘Oh wraith is so stupid’ or ‘Wraith OP nerf it’ threads that are appearing it’s drawing more and more people to play like dicks because it’s telling them how to do it to secure a win just like when there were a crap ton of Lazarus OP threads I saw an increase of Lazarus play it’s just a mentality of “oh people think this is the best/strongest thing out there I must play it if I want to keep winning.” Sure there are a few things that could discourage this dickish kind of play from people who are so intent on securing the win that they’s ruin other peoples chance at fun, just look at all the modders and crap on CoD and now the leader boards (although it may just be the one guy and who knows their motive.)
All in all I think the wraith is a fine monster to have in the game as she is it’s just there’s dicks out there that want to ruin other peoples fun and they are the ones we should blame not the tool, but the person holding the tool.


No. The fact that spamming those abilities is THAT effective, shows how broken the monster itself is. If the player has to knowingly gimp themselves and use a less than optimal strategy to feel balanced, then the Wraith itself is not balanced.

Its not a player issue, its an issue with the monster itself.


Well that is kinda the players fault for spamming those abilities you could also do the same with a goliath just spamming the AoE attacks that do massive damage as well, just people don’t think to do that because people don’t complain as much about them but they are pretty much the same thing


Except that’s how Goliath is played. I’ve done that with Goliath, I’ve seen Goliath’s do it, and its what Goliath is based around. Spam the AOE, do as much damage as you can, and hope its enough.

It doesn’t lead to extreme frustration for the hunters, and doesn’t guarantee an easy victory like Wraith’s abilities.

And people don’t do it? Have you played against Goliath? Its how he’s built to fight, only using his melee attacks when something is on cooldown, you have an enemy cornered, or to smack someone out of the air.

The difference is that Goliath and Kraken abilities can be played around without needing god-tier skill. Wraith’s abilities can’t.

You don’t need to knowingly gimp yourself with Goliath to feel balanced. Wraith you do.


All fairness I probably babbled way too much about it and missed my own point that I wanted to make, and that was we should probably stop posting so many threads bitching about how it’s “OP” and that as it encourages people to play it more in that fashion because it annoys people and TRS already knows and are doing what they can to fix it so yeah I’m the idiot here


This times 1,000. my strategy with wraith is to divide and conquer at stage 2 using decoy and abduction. most game only last about 8 minutes and I actively hunt the hunters and only flee to armor up. yet almost everyone viciously attacks you if you use her, regardless of how you play her. Granted the fact that you are able to be cheap, spammy, etc. with her is annoying and should be tweaked, but that doesn’t mean that people should be shunned from using her.


Bro I’m so with you… I don’t thinks she’s OP not one bit… many PUGs are having much easier times discerning decoys from the real thing now that they have learned these tactics… And honestly supernova isn’t as powerful as many think, but you must react to it’s use quickly.

I have a blast demolishing ineffective wraiths, but I will admit that the community really has chosen her as the favorite killer…sadly I don’t think Behemoth will change that in the long run…All of the monsters are balanced just fine to me… And I feel as if every character in the game is arranged in a way to teach the player more about the role their playing

goliath (teaches ability timing in conjunction with cool downs, importance of positioning)

Kraken (teaches the effectiveness that chaos can bring to destroying team, skill shot placement)

Wraith (teaches the importance of separation/focusing, importance of stealth)

If you look at all the roles I think the leveling structure serve as effective reminder of proper skill use for each class