Wraith Decoy Skin PLEASE



HEY Turtle Rock Studios guys i wish you can set to the decoy fo the wraith the same skin that youre using because if i am using a skin with my wraith i lose a lot of potential with the wraith because it doesn’t have the same skin and sometimes the decoy looks blue dark like bugged so please fix that i wish i can use wraith skins without losing potential with the decoy abbility


I think it’s a feature


Fwirt what it’s worth

Decoy in a future patch is getting its own health bar. It won’t matter if it’s identical - teams of any skill level will be able to identify if immediately.


It’s a feature, but I believe that the devs have said that they’re changing it so that the Decoy uses the player’s skin. Don’t quote me on that though :smiley_cat:

Edit: I think this comment is relevant:


nice i will be able to use skin in match