Wraith decoy redesign/rework


In the Forums we have a lot of threads complaining about wraith beeing op or not fun to play against. The problem I saw most often mentioned was that his decoy is too strong and cant be seen as the decoy and not as the actual wraith. My solution: Take away one of the 2 uses of the decoy in a fight.
Option 1: Take away his ability to deal damage or atleast nerf the damage. Instead of dealing damage this decoy would bei used as some kind of tank. The hunters have noch visual notification, but the health bar that the decoy is not the real wraith.
Option 2: make him deal damage maybe even more than now, but give the hunters a clear and obvious sign that this is not the wraith.
Edit: maybe one of the solutions could bei the adaptation.


Don’t want to sound like an asshole but some ppl just need to Learn how to play against certain monsters…
Srsly not even 10 minutes ago with my team we played ranked match against Gold Expert Founder Wraith and you know what? When I saw Decou just being outmaneuvered or instantly killed by Assault I felt bad for him.
Yes If you stand still looking at decoy murdering you, thinking “Oh gosh this is so OP” then yes It might be OP but rly it isn’t hard to outsmart AI in Evolve.


I would suggest removing “OP” from your thread title or its gonna attract a lot of detractors. The real issue is Wraith’s kit and mobility makes it a severe pubstomper, thats where you hear the complaints from the new players that it is anti-fun coming from.

Its not that it needs balancing. Rather, some of its abilities need redesign, especially Decoy.


The redesign is exactly what im suggesting. The changes I am suggesting are not meant to buff or nerf wraith. They should make it easier for new players and make the use of the decoy more clearly.


Yea I completely understand where you’re coming from. But the mention of “OP” in the title is exactly what is going to attract replies like the one that came right before mine lol… which is going back to the pointless argument of how new players think everything is OP when the real argument to be had is, why new players find Wraith so excruiciating to play against


Well Decoy is no longer a decoy now too.

If you have issues with the wraith and its decoy, if you hit the decoy, it flashes white…


Thx for the advice:) changed the title so its more like a Suggestion title


I suggest trading buff/nerf in this post. Check it out.


wraith is fine and in a good spot right now


I recommend anyone who’s looking at this thread to also read this reddit post (its from a year ago but the key points are very relevant) to have a better understanding of why the Wraith is so disliked among the community and referred to as anti-fun,and that it has been misconstrued as being “OP”


I agree Decoy is tanking too much damage, in comparison I’ll use Gorgon spiders that are also spam-able and a pain.

Gorgon spiders can be killed by any class with few shots, while Wraith decoy that is also spam-able (even after the recent patch) can tank damage of the entire team for a few seconds.

That is ridiculous, and this keeping in mind the damage the decoy does, Wraith already has lots of other skills and a huge movement set to avoid damage.

Right now the Decoy is in fact OP, it tanks to much damage.