Wraith: Decoy Modes

Right now, one of the biggest complaints I hear about decoy is that the AI doesn’t do what the player wants it to. Sometimes it will focus the wrong person or sporadically lash out at whoever is closest. Other times it’ll just slowly meander around, or stick right next to you when you’re trying to sneak away, drawing unwanted attention.

I think a good way to “fix” a few of these issues would be to hand a bit more control of the decoy over to the player, in the form of different behavior modes. For example, have two different settings that can be switched by pressing the activation button once, and fired by holding it briefly. One could have the decoy attack the hunters, and the other could make it attempt to break line of sight and appear to flee. This could open up more tactical uses in combat, as well as up the effectiveness of the move in general.