Wraith Decoy has too Much Range and Deals too Much Damage


Let me start this off by saying: Yes, the Wraith is much more balanced and easy to fight from the beta. This is the only semi-unbalanced thing I have against Wraith at this point.

I find that the Wraith’s Decoy does too much damage in one hit. I find one hit from the Decoy takes nearly half my health. Multiple times I have been hit across rooms, at ranges where a melee attack should not have hit me. This has happened to me many times, most of which I did not end up recording as I was left in confusion as to what had happened. Earlier today, I gathered the logic to stop wondering what happened, and recorded it straight after it happened for another time.


I was clearly out of range (should have been at least). I had around 50% health, and the one hit nearly killed me. The range, well, that speaks for itself.

Thoughts and opinions? I would like to hear them.

Decoy nerf, but only the copy

You were on like 35% health man. That’s nowhere near that much damage.