Wraith Decoy Demo Video Outdated


So I noticed on Wraith, as you pick your abilities Stage 1, before the match starts, that when you hover over Decoy, the little demo video that plays shows the old version, when it cloaked you. Probably be good to fix, I was wondering what I was doing wrong for days. Had to check the patch notes to figure it out.


For now they are all the same, which kinda stinks but I’m sure they’ll fix it over time :slight_smile:


What do you mean?


Goliath and Kraken’s ability demo’s are the same still. Behemoths didn’t change either, but I can see why for Behemoth so I just said all of them


Oh, okay. Well I hardly play any of others, so I wouldn’t know. =3

Is a filthy Wraith main.