Wraith Decoy Bugs


Frequently when I play as the wraith I find there is an issue with the wraith clone where it will just stand there and take damage ,attack wild life instead of engaging the hunters or even just follow me as I try and escape chasing hunters who are close in proximity. It is quite rage educing that the wraith got nurffed to the point of being almost unplayable…anyone else have the same problems or is it just me >.>?


I’ve had this bug, but not frequently. Decoy can be buggy.


Decoy is a buggy mess, take a look through the Wraith posts and you’ll barely see a good word about it (and I feel like most of those come from me). It has a few uses and one or two things you can brute force it into doing, other than that it’s only really useful for the invisibility.


Fixed that.


True, but hopefully the title update changes to Abduct will mean we only have one hilariously buggy skill. I can only hope it doesn’t come with “balancing changes” to make it worse than it should be right now. God forbid we have two useful skills that work as intended on top of the buggy one and the badly designed one.


God forbid Wraith has more than one ability.

She has 4 you say?

Decoy is crap tier, Abduction is unreliable as fuuuuuck and SN just makes you a pincushion.

Warp Blast is riddled with bugs too but it’s the only “reliable” ability she has.


You’re crazy abduction is the best ability in the game for combat


Keep telling yourself that.


I do every time I use it because it always sets up easy combos


Useful yes. Reliable, fuuuuuuck no.


One out of 100 times abduction will mess up for me and thats only when my internet is bad
Why do you claim it’s unreliable
The only problem I see is extra points don’t do much for you


Miss even though its dead on.

Hit even when you miss by a mile.

Abduct through walls

Abduct but no damage

Damage but no abduct

Double damage abduct

No damage no abduct

And much more.