Wraith counters Griffin really hard


I understand that Wraith is overpowered at the moment and that you guys are working on solutions if I could add to your attention. When Griffin harpoons the wraith it does nothing because he can still us all his abilities to do whatever he wants. Almost every third game I get to watch all my teammates die and most of the time the wraith doesn’t even break my harpoon he just continues to kill my team with his dashes and teleports.


Wraith has always been Griffin’s nemesis. You need your hunters to be the other side of the Wraith from you to be at all useful unfortunately. I find that aside from the odd harpoon after an abduct, it’s better to just put damage in as Griffin against Wraith.


And Kraken counters Lennox.Abe counters Krakens flying.

Everyone counters everything in a way.Its the philosophy of the game.


And if the wraith pops SN, don’t even bother with the harpoon gun. You’ll be doing your team a disservice


So I should use the machine gun that does no damage?


You mean the one that does really decent damage for a trapper? Yeah lol


in combat Griffin suffers against a wraith because of her melee attacks and the wide arcs. so most of the time using the pea shooter is better.

he is however quite strong when chasing her down.


I don’t see why they should make a hunter obselete when you don’t know what monster you are fighting. Every hunter should be able to do the job otherwise it’s just a game in which you are hoping you pick the correct hunter, which is pretty stupid.


Just because Griffin isn’t as strong against a Wraith doesn’t mean he isn’t viable. He’s great for finding any monster, and his machine gun does great damage for a Trapper weapon.


I have tried to harpoon her to restrain her during Supernova; but even if I’m directly behind her, it gets broken almost instantly?

I’m assuming you’re a long time Griffin player from your posts and display image, so is this just something I’m doing wrong or is it impossible to keep a harpoon on her during Supernova?


It could be that the harpoon attached to her arms.

that is not how it works mate. :stuck_out_tongue:
Every hunter has a specific niche that they specialize in, they all have counters but none of them are GG get rekted level counters.
They are just applied differently.

While Griffin may not be the strongest CC in combat against a wraith, he makes up for it in damage and his strong chase game. Have a Val , Sunny or Kala (anyone that helps with mobility) and Griffin can lock down a wraith for days.
It may not seem like it now, but it’ll make sense the more you learn.

Every hunter is that way just like the monsters, there is no sure fire fail hunter vs x monster.


I try and always aim for the back or her…Her butt, I guess, when it’s Wraith. But it doesn’t help that she’s about 90% limb I suppose.


On the chase, I as wraith have been chained harpooned by Griffin many times and boy is it annoying.

But in combat damage is probably better, especially each bullet does really good damage (it does 21 iirc and Hyde’s mini gun does 18 per bullet (I think))

On top of that it is really accurate.

Overall, I’d say:


Yeah harpooning Wraith is about reacting to her patterns and frustrating her on the chase.

Supernova is a melee attack ability so in general your harpoon is going to get broken quickly. Some Wraith players will follow up abduction with SN, others with warp blast. Warp blast and abduction are the only abilities you gave much chance of interfering with

Wraith players tilt when they have lost their armour and will want to run. This is why I say concentrate on damage. When the Wraith is trying to get away is where you are most useful with your cc.

If the Wraith is doing a lot of retreat and attack moves maybe you can be more useful, try to get alongside it so when it turns to abduct or warp blast you can snag it. Over long distances the amount your harpoon will reduce the distance of the move is more useful than when Wraith is brawling up close. But this really goes for all monsters with Griffin!

So, do damage, force the Wraith to want to retreat, don’t let it retreat, profit.