Wraith could need a nerf


I know there are SEVERAL topics like this but it’s to be honest true,Wraith is sick OP,i have had the fortunate to play him/her/it in a game in progress starting from lvl 1,and i have to say it could need a nerf from what i’ve played/seen with and against wraith. I’m not gonna make super detailed but the 4th skill (i don’t know the names as i don’t have it unlocked.) could use nerfing on damage or attack speed if not both,and decoy is pretty fine but there could be some kind of hint when Wraith uses it for the hunters. Once it reached lvl 3 it’s close to impossible to kill,of all my matches vs Wraith i’ve only killed one as maggie which i suppose is a counter with hook trap spam to avoid decoy. But Wraith could use some nerfing to make it more balanced without having need to have Maggie and Daisy on every Wraith.
Edit: Let the “Wraith is balanced” comments spam begin.


wraith decoys leave a pink dust trail that normal wraiths don’t, FYI


They already nerfed Wraith when she was already quite beatable. If you really absolutely can’t win against Wraith now, you might need more practice.


Yup. She’s balanced. Supernova is dodgeable, you can jetpack out of the cloud and she can’t harm you unless she wants to lose her damage and speed buff. Abduct? Stick around objects, wildlife, and your assault to duck behind. It’s also an easy to dodge skill using jetpack.

Maggie isn’t strong against wraith, Abe is the better one for the job. And this is coming from a Maggie main.


Maggie is good,just spam your traps if the Wraith gets to lvl 3 at the power relay and the Wraith is quite stuck if all gather there. It couldn’t decoy away because it was stuck while we bursted it down,Markov (i think) Maggie and the rest of the team. We were struggling in the beginning but won the match because of it,i hooked 15 traps total to it in that game.


Wraith isn’t broken anymore. Is she fun to play against? …not really. I think her skills are pretty balanced, the only thing that’s really frustrating about Wraith is that rather than being deceptive like she should be, she’s just really, really mobile. She can move from one side of a dome to another very quickly, and as a result is pretty hard to track.

However, she does have a couple moments where you can hit her reliably.

  • Abduction: You know where she’s going to end up at, so you can just aim there and wait.
  • Supernova: She has to stay in a certain AOE
  • Warp Blast: She stays still for a few seconds after warping

I don’t like playing against Wraith (she’s fun to play as, though), but she’s no longer OP as far as I can tell. A well-coordinated team will bring her down, it’s just a pain in the ass. In the beta, my team and I could hardly beat Wraith. But now, we haven’t yet lost to one.


Maggie is good, but Abe does a better job against the wraith. His stasus grenades prevent the wraith from going anywhere far away without giving up it’s stealth


I’ve beaten it of course but its soooooo boring. Right now its not fun to fight. It’s very hard to engage the wraith (yes I get that is the point of the wraith) and because of that the match just ends in one big fight 12-15 minutes into it.