Wraith constantly freezing every time I use Warp Blast. (PC)

I’ve played with people who also seem to have the same problem with the wraith. FIVE GAMES IN A ROW THIS HAS HAPPEN, EVEN RESTARTED THE GAME AND PC.

It’s super frustrating when it happens especially if the team has Torvald with them. As the amount of time the monster gets frozen is long enough(short enough would be more precise. He’s Torvald remember) for Torvald to instant kill a stage 1 & 2 wraith solo.

This was around before the wraith was patched, lost me a couple games because i was a sitting duck for something like 20 seconds.

Huh, never had this problem. So it’s new to me.

I only have 82 wins out of custom, so maybe I’ve not played her enough.