Wraith complainers in a nutshell


When they realize that they didn’t even lose to decoy…

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I am not going to sit through 2 hours of a livestream, and especially since I can’t seem to maximize the screen.

I will say that there are factors for people complaining about Wraith:

  1. They weren’t synergizing with there team; poor teamwork
  2. Lost the match
  3. Bad hunter comp
  4. Experienced Wraith player

I personally believe Wraith is OP because of the ability stacking she can do. Decoy + Supernova = massive amounts of damage. This damage is high because medic cannot outheal that damage, or come close to just keeping the hunters alive, barely.

Goliath can only use 1 ability at a time, so a medic can always heal just under the damage done. Since Wraith can stack abilities, Medic is disadvantaged because of the standardized healing set in place because of Goliaths problem of only using 1 ability at a time. Any buff to medics healing and Medic could then easily outheal Goliath, making Goliath UP but now Wraith is close to balance.

Imo, Wraith should only be able to use decoy and no other ability. If that’s too aggressive of a nerf, then Wraith can’t use an ability within x amount of distance near decoy.

I got a little off topic, but I think people have a right to label Wraith as OP, as long as it’s within the reason points 3 and 4 in the list above.


Th reason the majority of people hate wraith is due to her new decoy and how it allows her to easily spread damage, when she’s supposed to be a kill 1 by 1 assassin that picks off targets. Abduct has become pretty much obsolete because of this, and it takes little effort to ramp on damage because the decoy deals too much.
EDIT: also worth noting how decoy can completely shut a hunter away from the battle, because if they don’t deal with the decoy, they will possibly lose half of their hp.

Also, I’m not sitting through 2 hours of gameplay.


Decoy and Supernova don’t stack anymore.

I’m of the opinion at the moment that Wraith is a meh type of character. She can beat decent hunters if they make a mistake but any monster can do that.

Now I’m also of the opinion that this game needs to be balanced around a decent hunter/monster otherwise you’ll never get a balanced game.

The issue Evolve currently has is that ~80% or maybe even more of these new players and even some of the founders returning are complete and utter garbage. This isn’t any fault of these players. You don’t blame a student for not understanding how to do calculus when their instructor never taught them anything within the subject. Instead you’d blame the instructor.

Until TRS actually implements a way to improve the average player to a level of decent skill this game will be all over the place, and you’ll get these knee jerk reactions of “This is OP or this is UP”. Nothing is anything until you have a baseline of decent skill.


How can you get better against something, when you aren’t even exactly sure what happened?

Speaking as a new player, and a sort of return player (Played ages ages ages back on the Xbone on a friend’s Evolve), I can say the first time I fought Wraith was an utterly polarizing experience. I assume I was with another group of new players as well. We seemed alright, handled the wraith decently (all armor gone, and about 1/5th damage to health, she got our Support down (Bucket I believe), and then dome dropped and she managed to bolt off. while we were reviving / healing / getting our wits about us), she ranked up, and then it was GG.

She literally hunted US at this point. The match was over 45 or so seconds into this fight. It was a spam of decoy, supernova and … whatever that spazzy super fast attack thing she does is called (Even if that is just her melee). Never once stopped moving, constantly had a player pinned to a wall with either her decoy or herself, Or both with two separate hunters, and medic couldn’t get to them, and Bucket’s shield was worthless throughout this, blocking 1 blast from supernova at best. Healing nova did nothing.

I honestly figured it was because we were bad and inexperienced. So the next time, I tried switching it up, I was more proactive about getting to her, using all of my abilites as best as I could. It seemed to pay off… Til stage 2, and it was LITERALLY the same. Third time around, it didn’t even take to stage 2, we were pasted first fight (I figured honestly it was bad character choices). Fourth… I actually won. Thought it was a fluke, or someone’s game glitched and they got super damage or something.

Fifth time? Back to the same rigmarole, same rinse and repeat super-fast, hyper damage strategy. I did my best to counter it with what healers I could, or what supports I could. None of my Trappers (Abe and Crow)'s slow seemed to do ANYTHING to her, except occasionally she would move VERY SLIGHTLY slower, then simply warp forward, breaking the slow like it was nothing. None of my Medics (Slim, Caira or Laz) seemed to really be able to stave off the doom until I had a Bucket paired with my Laz. Slim is just a VERY bad choice vs Wraith it seems. I’ve given up attempting to play Assault because whenever I’d play against wraith as Assault, there was this feeling of utter helplessness, watching all of my allies get utterly pasted, and then getting converged on by TWO SEPARATE WRAITHS.

And thats the issue, thats what the new players see. They see experienced / vet players grab this hero and absolutely fucking paste them with almost no issue in Randoms on unranked. The ones playing as support, usually, can’t keep the shields up long enough to help, those playing as Medics DEFINITELY can’t keep the health coming anywhere near a way that makes them feel useful, and the entire time the trapper is sitting over there with a derpface, drooling on himself and either spam throwing slow 'nades, or spazzing out on their primary.

The fights are over so fast, that they can’t, normally, come up with strategies on the fly to counter them, even if they have heros that can work in a countering way.

(I did actually have one fight against a Wraith, who had a Gold Skin, and we all had some really good teamwork and shit, and we killed him in stage three… Oh god it was so glorious. He accused us of hacking, and my day was made. Aaahhh… Wondrous day that was.)