Wraith comp


What’s your guys go to comp with the wraith, played wraiths quite a bit but don’t have a steady comp we play. Just curious on what you guys use, and advice is needed.


Anything with Jump Height.
I believe this topic is getting covered in a Parnell Pro-Tip Tuesday :wink:


Rouge Val,Val
WasteLand Maggie,Jack


How bout jetpack recharge??


Hyde, Wasteland Maggie, Caira (or Val) and Hank.

RIP invisible Wraith.


I would absolutely never, ever recommend Parnell (or Lennox) against Wraith.



Perk: Jump height

Boom there you’ve beated me as a Wraith player


In order of importance, Sunny, Waggie, Rogue Val, Hyde or Markov. Wraith is totally impossible against sunny actively placing her drone. Waggie is even more op against wraith. RV is a tank. If you get a down RV will keep them alive. Hyde is great against wraith. Mines are a pain for a wraith trying to focus someone.


Why Jump height so much? I’ve never considered it as a valuable strategy against monsters. only as medics for positioning…otherwise, I really dont like it. It feels weird when i jump and expect my jetpack to kick in, but im still jumping lol.


Dodge supernova


And abduction + decoy, but to dodge sn is the most important


I’m skeptical about the use of it NOW…

But when momentum stacked? It was amazing against wraith.

Now your height only goes from 8 meters normal to like 9 meters because using a dodge zeros out your momentum before applying the boost. Before you’d go wheeeee into the air. Putting you well above the wraith, and nicely into safety

You do get some extra distance with a dodge, but the speed past normal distances isn’t increased beyond running speed so the benefit of that is situational now too.


guys have mercy on that poor wraiths soul!


Hyde doesn’t have mines, though :confused:


Mines are useless against her. WB and Abduction ignore damage if they detonate while she’s near them using those two abilities. Similarly, Decoy does the same thing.

Spread out make sure to pay close attention to your positioning, Hyde does a good job at area control, you’d want Val or Caira for the med, Hank/Sunny, Abe/Maggie(or wasteland)/jack for your trapper would be a comp to use.


Hyde, Waggie or Abe, Rogue Val or Caira, Sunny.


Hyde/Torvald, Maggie/Abe(ignoring Waggie), Hank/Sunny, Val (dunno which other one would be especially good, probably Caira but iunno)



0/10 can’t see it


I like running Hyde/Parnell, Caira/Val, Crow, and Cabot/Hank.