[Wraith] Clear indicator the Decoy is gone


Hi everyone,

Having played Wraith a lot during the Beta, I sometimes had a hard time knowing when the Deco had faded.

Let’s say you’re invisible in the middle of the fight, the Decoy is behind a hill and you can’t see it, Markov is sending electrical waves all around and multiple FX / explosions are displayed on screen, it might be hard to see you’ve become visible again.
Sometimes it took me up to 1 sec to understand I wasn’t invisible anymore.

Did it also happen to you?
I think a small visual indicator / sound, marking the end of Decoy, would be useful.

Thanks for reading me and have a great day. :slight_smile:


Umm no it is pretty clear you have become visible. Unless of course you have bad eyesight. But ehh we already had a thread about an incredibly angry man with supposedly bad eyesight. But we don’t talk about that thread…


Just learn how long the decoy lives and start counting when you use it if you’re having problems telling if you’re invisible or not.


I do think that your body should light up or come thru a portal for a split second. Not only would that make it easier for you to know that you are now visible but it would also make it a little easier for the hunter to see what direction you headed.
Most of the time the hunter were absolutely lost after my decoy went away.