Wraith Changes


I have run into a problem. I find it unenjoyable to play the monster now. People have been very hateful towards me for picking Wraith. If I win its because I’m op or I cheesed them. If I lose its because I’m a scrub lord. This happens almost every game to the point I have stopped playing Wraith in the hopes that people would not rage at me but alas people hate on me for playing Goliath as well.

So I got to thinking about changes to Wraith to make her more like her intended goal while making her fun for both sides so I can play her again without all the hate.

Abduction should be one of her staple skills but I find it to be utterly worthless except in very few situations. I think they should remove the damage component and add in a secondary function to the skill. I do not know what that function should be so please feel free to pitch ideas. One possible idea I had is Wraith would auto start a sneak attack on her target when they got back to the start location but people might find that to have no counterplay.

Warp Blast is utterly worthless. This skills only function is to cheese Domes and to pseudo fly. I feel like it doesn’t even really fit her role as an assassin ether and should be replaced with something more befitting. If the ability must stay then it should do more damage and have its AOE buffed at the cost of its escape potential.

Decoy does A LOT of damage and that shouldn’t be so. I feel as if Decoy should only do as much damage as Wraiths Melees do which would make it better as she staged up. I think its function as a look this way while I go this way should be increased. I think the Decoy should run the opposite direction of Wraith and last longer as should the invisibility.

Supernova does not make sense to me. Its a all in ability given to a trickster assassin monster it kills her kit. I feel like it should be replaced with something much more befitting ofc I don’t know what that would be. If the ability must stay then the range on the bubble should be decreased and the time it lasts as well but in return she should be god while in it effectively making being inside the bubble a death wish.

I hope these changes encourage some actual discussion beyond Wraith op gut her or get good.


Out of all the changes, this is the one I fully support even in Beta. Decoy damage should be lowered by 20-50%. That being said, I think Supernova is actually not as good anymore. Against good teams they can escape and the damage done in it isn’t as useful as other abilities/movement.




I also agree that Decoy needs to be changes, the others never seemed that bad to me. I thought of lowering the decoy damage or maybe they could make using the decoy take some health off the wraith just to make it less spamable. On another note the people calling you a scrub lord or saying the wraith is OP and that is why you one, I have not run into anyone that toxic in evolve yet and I am sorry that you had to play against such people.


I can’t play the wraith because there’s no tension early game because it’s easy to escape the hunters which sucks because I like wraiths style.


I agree about to some extent about warp blast, decoy and supernova.

Warp blast - I would like to see the WARP element removed, make it just an explosive AoE, increase damage or range. However, because she is supposed to be a mobile monster, make it so that if she hits 1 target she regains some traversal energy. If there are more targets hit she gains even more, up to the point where if she hits full hunter squad she gains almost 3 traversal units. Could be further balanced. That replenishing idea could be dramatically lowered against wildlife.

Decoy - I don’t know why decoy is a physical entity. Either call it a clone or make it actually a decoy! I don’t like that it blocks you, knocks you back and damages in the process. I would kindly like other idea to be made to it, like let it absorb some damage if damaged by hunters to replenish armour to the real wraith, but it won’t deal any damage or knock you back… just be a REAL DECOY. Something along these lines.

Supernova - As you have said, this just makes no sense to exists in a character (monster) that is supposed to be an archetype of an assassin. That skill is for berserkers, something that goes crazy in melee not for entities that are about hit & run tactics like Wraith should be. It needs a total rework to fit the playstyle, maybe make it a smoke bomb like skill, which obscures vision of hunters who are inside? Maybe they take more damage while they are in there which multiplies the longer they stay there but without any crazy spinning nonsense. Supernova really doesn’t fit the archetype and whenever I see it happen in the game I just ask myself a question “Why? Why that skill and not something else?”.


If you don’t want to be called a dick, do what I do and take three points in Abduction. Stage 2 take three in Decoy, Stage 3 take three points in Supernova. That way if they get mad at you, just tell them you gave them a chance and it’s their own faults they couldn’t get you.


Don’t worry, if enough people complain they will nerf the Wrath until it’s pretty much useless. And once Wrath is nerfed people will cry about Kracken and so on and so forth.

(rolls eyes)


I don’t want her nerfed I want her reworked. They tried to make a hit and run assassin monster then got confused half way thru and her kit shows it.


I can agree with this, although her kit does show this pick off playstyle I think the decoy is not needed considering the range of abduct.