Wraith Changes for 8.0?


What happened to this wraith Changes that were being shown? I thought the invisibility during decoy was going to be removed and all that? Is it not listed or did it not make it in?


It’s coming in 9.0 along with other things


It was said that it would be the one after this patch. It is still being worked on. :wink:

Edit: I was ninja’d apparently. :smile:



I was really hoping to see the changes to Decoy that they’ve teased in play, but there’s always 9.0!



Wait, ninja added to 8.0? And if not, was there any word on when 9.0 is?


No clue at the moment. We won’t find out until maybe a week or 2 before it is released. We got plenty to keep us busy until then though. :wink:


if a 9.0 is released, hope its with a new tier 6


:black_medium_small_square:Fixed instances of Wraith’s Abduction causing players to fall through the map

so will this fix me from getting stuck hugging a hunter on a wall?


Probably not. It would most likely be with Adaptations of Hyde and Lazarus. Just guessing.


… Yes, because they shall release a Tier 6 in the title update immediately after they finish Tier 5.


The invisibility during Decoy is removed??? Better replace it with the ability to warp away… Otherwise Decoy will be outright useless. :cry:


Thats the plan you’ll also be able to attack and use abilities.


So if I’m reading this right, no monster can go invisible anymore? What was the reasoning behind that? I don’t even main monster, but thought it was a perfectly good (albeit occasionally frustrating) attribute. Is there a discussion thread on why they are getting rid of it?


:open_mouth: I like the idea better than the old Decoy now. Basically a body double ally. Excellent. This calls for a theme song to herald the impending doom upon Hunters:

EDIT: This is a better song:

Fear the Wraith of War! Lol…


Decoy was kinda horribly useless against higher skill levels for dealing damage and it wasn’t fun to fight wraiths who would use it to avoid damage and just run for stage 3. So they’re removing the invisibility less frustrating for newer players who can’t keep track of invisible monsters and letting you attack and use abilities while it’s up to make it useful in a fight

Also here is squirrel talking aboot it.


Thanks for the link. It’s definitely a big gameplay change for the character. It kind of takes away some of Wraith’s personality but hopefully it works out as the Devs are wanting it to. :blush:


To a certain extent yes, but if they make the AI competent and change the animation to make it unclear to the hunters which Wraith is the real one it will finally be a decent tool for misdirection and mitigation which the invis hasn’t been since the huge nerfs way back when.

Hopefully the decoy inherits any visible effects on the original (and can have new ones applied) so it isn’t immediately obvious that they need to shoot the one still on fire.


Well, it’s not that hard to create a Decoy that would reaaaally misdirect hunters, I mean, that no one could tell for sure which is the true :

  • show fake health damage when shooting on the decoy that cumulates with true health damages dealing with the real Wraith
  • or don’t show any damages until the decoy is gone

-don’t make the decoy glow when shot

-randomly choose if the decoy pop out of the original, or the original pop out of the decoy (during the start animation)


tbh I really hope the invisibility isn’t taken away.