Wraith- change decoy


I fight it more than the actual monster and it does more damage than them anyway, either give decoy a health bar or reduce the damage to zero cause I just had a match where I was fighting nothing but a decoy for 30 mins


Just had a 28min game like that too, decoy lvl 3 spam is still way too powerful


No it’s not. It hasn’t been powerful for a while. Stop shooting the damn decoy and use your eyes to find the real one.


I know all of the tricks but the map and the relay allowed him to constanly getting out of sight to decoy


But you can’t get away from the decoy even if you shoot it which stalls the timer, it’s not about people being stupid it’s just that there’s no way to avoid the decoy, so it’s better to not be punished for a spammed ability and be rewarded for dealing with it then and there and it’s also a reward for the monster cause that means they have more time to get distance


What? You just double jetpack past it. Bam decoy averted. Lol.


Who has jet pack fuel when you’re chasing a wraith?


Rofl. Well I found your issue.


If you aren’t going to be constructive then get out I’m not trying to get this thread closed when this is a real issue to some people and I think this is a good compromise and solution to this whole “wraith op” thing.


The issue isn’t that anything to do with the Wraith is broken, it’s the style of play that is usually needed for a Wraith player to win is much longer than other monsters, and therefore duller for the hunters.


The issue is you’re burning all your jetpack to get to the wraith. Why are you following it? Wraith never was this disgustingly overpowered unkillable, untrackable, i h8 this game monster like you’re making it out to be. Play differently.


But having a way for hunters to take of decoy by killing it and not having to just deal with it and it’s unavoidable damage is a good way to counter that playstyle


That’s not even what I’m talking about, I can catch a wraith it’s just that I fight a decoy more than I should and just cause I’m shooting the real wraith doesn’t mean that the decoy stops punting me across the dome.


Try playing Wraith for a while. I have a good chunk of wins with her, but rarely play it anymore. But as a hunter, I have no trouble with it. Decoy is easy enough to spot, depending on the situation.

I actually have far more trouble with the other monsters


Actually, Wraith is undisputed as the most hated Monster in the game.


I’m not saying I can’t tell it’s a decoy I’m saying that it’s annoying when I’m shooting the real one and the decoy just continues to beat me down and I have no way of stopping it and after 50 times of that it’s really boring.


If you know it’s a decoy, then don’t get hit by it (as much as one can not get hit by any monster power).

I do agree, the games can be a bit dull due to length, but that’s the style of the monster


Can you close this @SledgePainter tired of a good idea being bogged down by one sided arguments and no skill posts thanks


are you even considering the idea? Or just commenting on a playstyle that I briefly described in one sentence?


Sorry, I kinda glossed over the suggestion. I’ve always thought that a heath bar would be a good idea, and I’d trade duration for damage. But at the end of the day, you’d still end up fighting the decoy just as much, you’d just have more justification and satisfaction in shooting it.

It’s the long game that makes Wraith dull for the hunters.

Funnily enough (I haven’t tried it), but he best Wraith I’ve seen is the one who doesn’t put anything into Decoy