Wraith Can Fly~!


Although it cannot fly like the Kraken, in my most recent game a Wraith used it’s Warp Blast move to send it high into the air, then proceeded to chain both Warp Blast and it’s ‘Jump’ (Teleport) to go back and forth in the air, without losing much altitude.

This caused my team to lose pretty hardcore, as it was Rescue, and not only could we not kill him due to this, but once our Mobile Arena ran out it simply ran faster than we could keep up with it and ended the lives of our poor colonists.

I’m FAIRLY sure that he had to have been using the stamina increase perk, but even then, this sort of thing is just one of many that makes the Wraith a ‘Bitch Move’ when someone even simply picks it.



That player sounds like he was using some kind of hack/exploit/cheat whatever and he knew it. There has been footage of a guy with Square’s as his name using infinite Jet pack and spammable Vortexs so if this is similar I wouldn’t lose sleep on it.

Be great if you can catch footage of it if it happens again.



I tested it once ( and lost ) for giggles and I used ability cooldown. The trick is to hold abduction because it makes you float slowly.

Unfortunately my try was in a region with a clear sky, but I thought with a bit more trees it would be really nice making those hunters disappear into the upper treelines haha



Yeah, we were in a forest >.<

And I wasn’t thinking of footage at the time, just wondering wtf is going on xD



Well what was going on was a wraith player checking out how it is to be a kraken. Although even a kraken has a hard time climbing up to the absolute top of the dome and sit there.



Today I played with a player that could fly using the wraith. Here are the screenshots. I guess it might be a bug: