Wraith builds


All right I’m going to stoop to using the wraith. Where should I put my points?


3 warp blast and use it for transport in stage 1

wraith is probably twice as fast as you think it is

and dont neglect abduction, if you can hit somebody with warp blast you can with abduction too


i’m surprised you left out decoy but I’ll take your word for it and try that next match I find. What about stage 2 & 3?


I have more fun starting with two in abduction and one in decoy just so I can mid-air snatch people dropping from the ship then run away.

Why do I do this just to dash away? Because I can.


i only usually put 1 point in decoy. i use it to set up pounces at stage 2

stage 2: either

1 on all other abilities

3 on abduction (it’s good burst dmg with warp blast)

1 supernova 2 decoy

stage 3

1 on all abilities again

3 on supernova (just eating points if you took abduction)

2 supernova 1 decoy


So 3 in warp, then 1 in decoy at stage 2. What about the rest of the points?


Lmao I’ll pass on that


I’m going with the good ol build.

2 Decoy 1 supernova.

Go stage 2 and max them out.I really don’t need anything else


warp blast is too fast to miss out at stage 1. you can put so much distance so fast and even insta-escape dome with it


Yeah i’m sure it is.But if i really want i will never get caught just with my traversal.The reason on 2 Decoy is i pretty much fight at stage 1.Keep spamming it(Plus i’m playing cooldown reduction in EVERY monster)

I have left many times from the dome with full hp while my decoy has already given 1 death penalty on someone.


Where do you put points at stage 3?


i dont often go stage 3 tbh


What he said.I don’t think i’ve gone more than 3 times stage 3 :stuck_out_tongue:

But if i do i’ll put 1 point in Warp Blast for the mobility and 2 on Abduction.

Since people are camping the relay Abduction will be much usefull.

Plus when playing against Markov there is a bug and if you abduct inside mines you won’t get damaged


I’m gonna go 2 warp 1 decoy the max out supernova at stage 2.


you lose 39% range if you only take 2 warp - thats like 10 or 20 meters every time you jump.

its better to take warp blast because even caira has a hard time catching you before you get stage 2. (if you are lucky/know monster spawns - even before the hunters land!)

and if you’re playing well you’ll already have at least 4-5 portions of carcass as wraith where you are evolving.


Yeah just keep experimenting.
The reason i don’t play Warp Blast and Abduction at start is maybe because i will have to depend much on my aim.

But even at Stage 1 with a decoy buffed with supernova it can kill a hunter alone.

Also what @avnas said if you go with Blast take it max.You will play full on escaping.There is no point of having decoy.
Since you going that build you should not be caught by any means


I just fought laz bucket markov and griffin and it was super easy although it was on aviary (I think aviary favors the monster) and I was able to sneak pounce bucket while his teamates we’re dealing with a crowbill then I decoyed and ate his body. This time I’m tryin 3 in warp right off the bat


Remember this build is not for fighting.Just keep running until you reach stage 2


You weren’t kidding you pretty much have to go out of your way to be caught with 3 in warp. Especially if you run smell range like I do.


I tried that build and yea i don’t see any reason a wraith with that build should ever be trapped in a dome if he or she’s payin attention (had to edit, couldn’t type cause match was about to start)