Wraith....buff? nerf? im starting to think she needs a rework


wraith needs a big change, she is not good. almost zero pro playing and on higher ranks she is a joke. especially now with Hyde being the best assault and wasteland Maggie being good. for me wraith is meant to be a “Mind games” “deceptive” “illusive” Monster. however the way decoy works does not promote this. decoy atm is some how treated like a “damage”. and this is prob the biggest reason i feel, that no one plays with decoy.
Stealth on the old wraith u where able too jump(warp) in stealth and not leave it. Now u walk 5 km/h and one hunter with a shotgun,rifle or flamer. too hit her in stealth is EASY MODE.
too me Stealth should be Wraiths best weapon. That is why i promote(not saying this is the best idea i djust want the conversation too save this beautiful monster) decoy wont do no DAMAGE only “stagger” “knock around” make it a CC and with this change u make the Stealth waaaaay stronger on her. maybe also make more decoys of her? not only one. maybe 2-3 confuse the enemy! and shooting wraith maybe don’t remove stealth but if disrupts the decoy(decoys) for 1.5 - 2 seconds for each damage the real one took. Right now ur so slow when stealthing u can’t reposition good, and thats not counting the fact that 4 hunters spread out shooting u, how are u suppose too do deal with it?
specially now with the Gorgon Mimic change witch was awesome made a huge difference for gorgon play style(too bad they nerfed acid spit). Also Wraith needs Burst right? Make it so Supper Nova combos are better, SN with Warp blast/abduction or decoy.
I love Wraith but i don’t play her anymore. no hate. 100% love to this game.
Save her. sincerely Ur Biggest Fan.
(i take back what i said about gorgon. she is even more terrible then wraith. but thats not what i want this post to be about. sorry for late edit)


Well while I too love Wraith and drastically want changes… well… they are coming actually and she is getting a major overhaul.

A new patch is coming and it’s gonna be a bit crazy so best wait and see.

If she still has issues that us Wraith Players dislike then we can riot.



Take a look at this.

These are changes that are currently in the works. Wraith has a big decoy rework coming up so hopefully that will make her feel a lot better.


I think decoy should have a faster movement because it’s useless against stasis and pretty easy to avoid it


Removing Stealth from wraith? idk. that’s like removing rock wall from behemoth. seems cool that it fights with u doh. might make her burst more fearsome. Witch is nice.


It can still be used as a distraction which is nice. I’m hoping she’ll be as fun to play as I think she will be. :smile:


lol. nope. its more like removing the ability to “aim rockwall” but it gains the ability to completely surround behemoth for a longer duration.

its not removing an ability. its changing how it works


Well since the meta is becomingmuch more arena/battle focused. It’s probably best that wraith losses a little of her escaping utility so that she can have more teeth.

Plus the community has really stressed to TRS how they want to have that assassin playstyle. So I’m sure they’ll keep that in mind when they make the wraith variant


To be fair, Wraith is likely the second most viable Monster right next to Kraken right now despite the fact that I absolutely hate the direction they’ve gone with her and her current state.

However! According to @LordDeath she’s getting quite a few changes in the future.

So to be clear on what he said here, Wraith was changed for the sake of her being fun for Hunters to fight which, I think we can all agree she’s a lot better in that aspect but Wraith mains typically do not find her that fun to play anymore due to these drastic changes.

It is in lieu of this that she will be changed to become the glass cannon she once was without having the frustration of hunting her i.e invisibility.

To add to this, LordDeath also hates her current state but Cody, (A.K.A @Insane_521 ) loves the new direction and to quote:

So I’d just like to say, hold out hope for future updates where she may be getting a giant overhaul.


really? wraith second most viable? don’t whana sound harsh becuse i love the fact people are responding to this. but goliath and gorgon are 100 times more viable. even meteor goliath since the burning effect buff. but i really hope the changes are gona be good.


You need to look at it from a broad perspective. The way you see these monsters is from your groups caliber (not sure what rank you are). From my perspective and from other competitive players perspective, Kraken is top, hands down, followed by Goliath then Wraith. Behemoth probably is by far the worst pick due to his limitations and how abusive hunters can be towards him. Gorgon is only as good as the player that uses her. Meteor Goliath is a much weaker version of Goliath and some Goliath players can make it work but sometimes his damage is just too weak.

As far as pub stomping goes, yes Behemoth and Gorgon are amazing and that’s because it requires team co-ordination to help deal with such monsters, hence why you may see them extremely strong.

In the case of Wraith, it takes a certain kind of player to turn her from the wet noodle to the tumble locking god she is (or used to be).


At low tiers when players don’t know what they’re doing, she’ll excel. At higher tiers, she falls flat. This is coming from a guy who continues to main her despite so many things going against it. She just doesn’t have enough DPS to be able to stick in a fight. Same with Bob to some extent (it really depends on the map) and the Gorgon (though she can make up for it with clever map work and Mimic at S2).

@10shredder00 That’s good to hear (I heard some rumors, but no concrete evidence until now). That makes me want the patch to come sooner. I suspect it’ll be by the end of the month at the earliest.


Not really friend. Towards high level play the top two Monsters you’ll ever see played is Kraken and Wraith. Sure a Goliath here and there but never a Gorgon and rarely if ever a Behemoth.

These breakdowns are all from a competitive or high-level standpoint. Not talking about pubs here because in pubs any Monster will crush.

This is plainly because of simple reasoning.

Goliath is too hurt by terrain. All four abilities can collide with terrain and stop short. Rock Throw, hits a wall and breaks, no damage; Leap Smash, hits a wall, a tree, wildlife, geometry, anything and does no damage; Firebreath, can’t climb thanks to a bug, can be blocked by terrain, little to no damage; Charge, hit a pebble, hit a wall, hit wildlife, go off a single step of a staircase, stops short and deals no damage.
Heck even his traversals stop short, hit a pebble, hit a wall, hit a tree, hit a wildlife, hit a Hunter, hit anything and you stop short. It’s also harshly affected by CC effects.

Goliath Status: Risky

Meteor Goliath suffers from all the aspects that Goliath has but has a lower instant damage but more DoT making him an even riskier pick.

Meteor Goliath Status: Very Risky

Kraken has little to none of these problems. He can fly, mitigate damage, deal damage, and all four of his abilities can not be stopped short or denied by geometry, wildlife, or Hunters in anyway except for maybe banshee mines.

Kraken Status: Very Viable

Elder Kraken cannot do damage while flying, this effectively makes him more like Goliath but since he still has flight he could mitigate during a fight but the way his abilities work he would have difficulties since Hunters won’t be scrambling to dodge abilities.
Lightning Strike is fast acting and doesn’t move making easy damage, Banshee missiles cannot be destroyed (to my knowledge) and are great for close range combat, Chain Lightning is only effective at close range and Death Spiral is amazing when you have a Hunter cornered.
All in all Elder Kraken is a great choice for up-close fighting, more viable than Goliath but in my eyes less so than vanilla Kraken.

Elder Kraken Status: Viable

Wraith is fast, she can avoid damage and dish it. She has three traversals and an extra all practically unaffected by geometry. One ability is affected by geometry, Abduction, besides that really none of the remaining three are.

Wraith Status: Viable

Behemoth is a gigantic tub of lard. He soaks up all damage from every Hunter, his movement of all kinds is affected by CC, all four of his abilities reveal his weakpoint and all four abilities root him for a set duration. He does not have a lot of health or armor to compensate for this. On top of that he cannot leave the ground except for falling. In an escape his traversal is only good for long straightways of flat ground or downhill slopes, both are not very good at evading Hunters. Biggest target in the game and thus has a very hard time hiding. All this and much more.

Behemoth Status: Not Viable

Gorgon is skinny and takes primarily limb damage, that’s about the only thing she has going for her. All four abilities can be harshly countered. Web Snare can be dodged, if web snare is dodged then Acid Spray is completely avoided, it is usually avoided anyway regardless and the fact it is a purely DoT effect makes it a pretty bad ability for high-level play. Spider Trap is slower than the Hunters and thus can be outrun, besides that it is also easily killable making it completely useless if you were to kill it. Finally Mimic can be shot from a distance and killed or Gorgon can be shot to cancel the ability, both outcomes make it useless.
All four of her abilities are so easily countered it is not even funny, her traversal, very similar to Goliath can be blocked by terrain but to a worse degree. You can launch straight up, you can launch sideways, hell you can even launch backwards, you can also get blocked by Hunters, trees, wildlife, geometry, etc. All this contributes to making her a terrible choice at high-level play.

Gorgon Status: Terrible

At low tiers all Hunters will wreck, at higher tiers that is when most if not all fall apart.


I beg to differ, Kraken and Wraith are very much close contenders at high-level play but when it comes to Goliath, Behemoth, and Gorgon, I’d say those three are very risky choices if at all viable. Especially Gorgon and Goliath as Behemoth has a higher chance than Gorgon to succeed but less than Goliath.


Personally id have to agree with noodles nearly pick to pick. For me Itd be Kraken, Goliath, Wraith, Meteor Goliath, Gorgon, then behemoth. Gorgon and meteor goliath are pretty close, and im still waiting to see the dust settle from their current changes. Wraith isnt amazingly far behind goliath in my books- But I feel goliaths bursting power pushes him beyond the wraith in a lot of contexts. Yes terrain can ef him up hard- But “good” goliath players basically learn exactly where they can and cant use each of their abilities. High end goliaths dont usually have much trouble with terrain unless they do something silly (in so far as the ability fails because goliath durped into something. Itll still be a limitation in the sense of “damn, id REALLY like to use THIS, but i know i cant!”)


Honestly, Gorgon isn’t that bad (this may just be me, considering how I play her - other players likely do the same), it just takes a certain player to use her. I’ve been running MS and throwing Mimic in the mix at S2 and have done pretty well even at higher levels of play. I tend to corral the hunters toward a wall then before they realize what I’m doing I drop on their head. My favorite map for her is Armory, there’s just so many nooks and crannies to hide while you throw up a mimic.

http://www.twitch.tv/ghodwraith/v/39217690 - a video Ghodwraith took when I scrimmed with them a few nights ago. It gives a good example of how I play, but I made some adjustments to how I do things of late. I join at about ~ 15 mins or so in. Also a good example of how I play Wraith (Gorgon play at 38:00).

Edit: I do admit that harpoons end up fucking up that strategy unless you’re quick…


Goliath comes before wraith because he is reliable so long as you are not fighting the terrain (roaching). The problem with wraith lies in the fact if you mess up part of the combo then you take significant punishment in an attempt to get that strike on a player, much like Gorgon.

I’m referring to these monsters in an order of best to worst but its not like I’m saying Goliath is a thousand times better than Wraith, its more like a close race.

As far as Gorgon goes, to be completely honest, she can’t even be put on the tier list for viable picks considering her kit isn’t completely reliable due to bugs. When the wall pounce is fixed, I imagine I can give people reasons to consider her just as strong as Goliath but until then her ranking is only determined off her potential with how her abilities work now so shes in a “to be determined” situation.

Bob just falls behind, sure he can be a threat but he just gets punished so much harder than the other monsters.


Hyde best assault? ;-;

##Torvald FTW


I just want to say that behemoth is probably not being used right by the majority. He is suppose to lure the hunters to himself by force and suppose to separate them by force. He’s suppose to predict their movements. I would even say he plays the most different out of all the monsters