Wraith Balancing and credit to the TRS Team


OK im not here to whinge about how op the wraith is im just here to put my opinion on how it is much much easier to learn in comparison to goliath and kraken, i die all the time as kraken and goliath and i win everynow and then with them, my first game of wraith i used 75% faster eating and got to stage 3 in under 6 minutes, didnt get seen once and managed to do 18k dmg with just supernova, but i think with trs reviewing the statistics ion the wraith will see the changes needed and implement slight nerfs to balance out the overall gamplay of wraith, i personally feel supernovas range needs to be reduced and the cooldown needs to be extended as atm the wraith can almost spam SN without stressing about the placement of it.

I also gotta mention how much i loved how TRS put up their original pitch to thq, it gave me so much inspiration as im learning to create games atm and want to be a game developer one day, and the pitch just goes to show that some games start out so small and end up being sooo big.

(P.S. i think this game is going to be Game Of The Year for sure, sop unique and so addictive.


I see a lot of people hating the decoy, but I can handle a level one and two wraith, but that level three wraith, maxed supernova is more damage than any medic can heal. I’ve been Caira, Laz being the worst for just straight healing, Val, and if that wraith got anyone into a corner, by the time I was done reloading more healing grenades from trying to keep them alive, they’re dead. The wraith is beatable, but it’s damage is a little too much.