Wraith Balance Ideas (Strategy)


Let me start by saying wraith is my favorite monster by far. Design wise, she’s unique and interesting and the all the abilities make sense for the type of monster she is, however, I wont lie, she’s a pain to fight against. I have won 20 games in a row as the wraith HOWEVER, I do not use supernova nor do I use decoy for its damage, but solely for a distraction while I reposition myself. I use wraith as a “hit and run” assassin. The system goes

-Put two into warp blast and one into decoy (useful if domed)
-Evolve to stage 2 as quickly as possible
-Evolve (Warp Blast:3, Decoy:2, Abduction:1)
-Get around halfway to stage 3
-Find the hunters or let them find me
-Creep up and single one out (preferrably assault or medic using abduction to single them out, doing damage with basic attack and warp blast, popping decoy and then right when it runs out TAKE OFF, warp blast is also mobility (unless domed)
-Regain armor and repeat until comfortable going for final fight (stage 2 usually, evolve if need be)
-Decoy and go behind singleing out hunters usually in this order: medic, assault, support, trapper (depends on team, LAZARUS is priority ONE no matter what) Try to draw assault personal shield, then go for someone else until it runs out
-Regain armor If absolutely necessary (ie dropship incoming)

Usually this strategy (hit and run) works well for me but improvisation is KEY.
Being a hunter AGAINST the wraith is more of a nuisance, I’ve only one once against one and it was all because we were coordinated…the wraith isn’t overpowered but I think decoy is not how it should be.

My Two Cents
1)-Decoy does no damage and acts purely as a distraction while repositioning
2)-Decoy does VERY little damage and is mainly just a sponge while you reposition
3)-Decoys damage doesn’t change however instead of a duration it is relative to the actual wraith (so if you’re close to it, it will deal damage as usual, whereas if the player is moving away from the decoy it will have a shorter “lifespan” or “health bar”)
4)-Decoy can only damage wildlife and can only distract hunters (possible to scare birds and leave tracks, thus creating a false trail)
5)-Decoy can’t gain supernova ability, WAY too much damage for a fake you

Some simple idea that might make wraith more balanced and played how it was intended to be played. I believe decoy was not put into the game for damage purposes which is why I don’t use it, or intend to use it, for damage only. I’d love to hear any other ideas for balance or input from you TurtleRock guys.

(ps abe kicks ass)

(another ps hydes farts are toxic)


Maybe decoy shouldn’t make her invisible, but it should clone her. Decoy can’t cause damage BUT can look like it’s taking damage so the humans have to think about which one they’re attacking. And maybe increase the cooldown at least 10%


I support this idea. It would do its role as per its description - its not meant to be physically there, its a decoy that dissolves into energy, so it shouldn’t do damage.

As it levels up I’d have Decoy increase its health, giving it more time to survive. For character progression, I’d have it along the lines of

  • 1 ‘Decoy Suffered X Damage’
  • 2 ‘Decoy suffered X Damage from Hunters’
  • 3 ‘Decoy suffered X Damage in the mobile Arena’


There is a huge difference between “Decoy” and “Clone”.

That being said a Decoy should not do damage. Its sole purpose is to distract. Since this is NOT a Decoy but in fact a Clone, then the clone should take damage and go away, rather than it being time based. I also feel like a Clone would cost some sort of resource form the host to create, to prevent abuse of the ability make it take life. Its not like Parnell doesn’t have to take a hit to life to dish out his damage.

In the end, if its a Decoy then it should not do ANY damage and perhaps only last until turned off, or until the wraith go out of range. I do agree that it should LOOK like it is attacking to make it believable.

If its going to do damage then rename it to Clone and adjust it to stop abuse of the ability. I am a huge fan of sacrificing life for power.

This is just my 2 cents about the poor name chosen for an ability that contradicts itself.


This is my idea for balance the decoy ability: You can use the decoy at the cost of your armor, same duration, and same cooldown, but you have to think first to use this ability, cause after you have used it, you are so vulnerable. What do you think guys? Sound pretty balanced for me!