Wraith Balance Discussion


I didn’t think I’d be making this thread when the game launched, but after playing Wraith…yeah.

I’d like to know, what do you guys think of Wraith, after the balancing that’s been done to her? This is intended to be a level-headed thread; I’m not calling Wraith OP, with unsubstantiated claims. I played a match as her yesterday, and even though I lost (the hunters had an epic clutch Orbital), the hunters said that she seemed a fair bit overpowered. I felt balanced playing her, myself, but that’s because I wasn’t abusing Decoy.

Just some suggestions/questions/ideas (open to discussion):

  • Perhaps the Warp Blast distance could be shorter? I always found it too easy to get out of a dome; I feel like with Wraith, one should be able to get out of the dome if they’re aware and responsive. Now, this might have been the Trapper I was playing against; I’ll play some more matches tonight as Wraith.

  • Should eating while cloaked break the cloak? This is more of an idea I’ve been toying with, I don’t know if it’s actually overpowered.

  • Does the Decoy disappear if you get far away from it? If it does, that’s great, because that’ll encourage less spamming of the Decoy as an escape tactic.


Well There is an interaction with the Decoy and the Mobile Arena. You get no “Monster has escaped” notice even after you kill the Decoy. That should be changed. People waste time looking for a monster that is not even there. That is my gripe. It would be a fair adjustment


I think the Wraith is in an interesting position, because if you nerf it too much, it won’t be any fun to play.

I think the only change I would make is to the Decoy, and that change would be removing the Decoy’s ability to do damage. It can keep the knockback, but no damage.

I absolutely adore the hit-and-run stalker gameplay of the Wraith, and I worry that if the devs aren’t careful, they’ll nerf the Wraith into utter uselessness.


I enjoy playing against a wraith with a good team. Makes me look so much better as a trapper when we dome it at stage 1 and melt it before the dome is half done. Also helps if its a good wraith they don’t tend to run for 15 minutes.


Are you sure Wraith wasn’t still there? Because I’ve hidden in Domes for the entire duration after Decoying and slipping into a corner. Yesterday I was sitting in a tiny crevice on the edge behind a wall. They never found me. I was tempted to fight but they had Maggie, and a sea of harpoon traps. Oh and make sure you watch Daisy, cause she was sitting 15 feet from me and the hunters just didn’t have a clue. :confused:


You just hit the nail on the head. Decoy is still most likely the biggest problem right now.

It should not do damage at level 1, and then get very slight damage at level 2 and level 3. It currently is more of a “clone/minion” than a “decoy”, and its being abused all to hell by Wraith players.


one thing im surprised no one has mentioned is to maybe give a decoy two different cool downs one for non combat and one for combat the one outside of combat is longer then the one in combat making it a more tactical decision outside of combat since the cool down will be much longer

other then that the only other thing that i think will help with tracking her is to make the purple trails she leaves behind when she warps last much much longer then they do now because i find if she warps 3 times there’s no clear path as to were she went unless your very good at predicting were she went.

while im personally fine with the way she is right now these are just somethings i thought could be candidates for balance ideas


I still believe this monster needs more drawbacks. I suggest these changes.

  1. Wraith takes 25% more dmg during supernova
  2. 20% of all dmg done to Decoy is transferred to the Wratihs HP(not armor)

I believe these 2 changes would tone down the monster and make it more skill based. Currently it is the easiest monster to win with.


that last change is not remotely possible that would defeat the purpose of Armour, as for the first one doable but that number is way to high you have to remember that there’s val Lazarus and cabot all providing more dmg so 50 dmg plus 25% then double by cabots amp is wayyy to much dmg something lower then 10 is much more acceptable in my opinion but even then i dont think that’s a good nerf


I think she is terrible to try and track / fight. My main issue with the whole Wraith business is that the problem is so widespread among players. A lot of people try and say nothing is wrong, but honestly,we have so much discussion on the matter because people are obviously not happy for a bunch of different reasons.

Now, as for a solution, I would consider making these changes and then going from there:

  • Decoy has no influence on combat timers. If it attacks or is attacked, the timer will continue.

  • Either reduce the distance of Warp Blast or add a slight cool down between each burst.

Check out the numbers and feedback after this, if she is still a problem then consider these:

  • Do one of these: knock the damage of the decoy down by about 15% or supernova by 10%.

I doubt it, but if she is too weak after some of these changes, then consider making this change:

  • Abduction turns into a sneak attack if it lands on a Hunter, and stops when taking damage.

This is just my opinion, based on what I have seen. The main issue is that Wraith can stay away from Hunter teams for most of the game, thanks to a combination of Warp Blast speed and Decoy misdirection. When she hits Stage 3, she has lots of time thanks to Decoy spam, and lots of health from constant evasion.


@xXMerrillXx I’ve seen a lot of people suggesting making the Wraith weaker during Supernova, and I half-agree with it. During Supernova, the Wraith is mostly standing still. If the hunters position themselves well enough, one can afford to be focused, while the others can stand at range and shoot it as an easy, not moving target.

@Doddgytactics I haven’t noticed the tracks thing, but I feel like Warp shouldn’t be sneaky enough for there to be no tracks whatsoever. Two cooldowns would be pretty neat, actually. Or you could roll with @Mr_Suplex’s idea; I really like the idea of having lessened/no damage.

@AuthorPhoenix89 Fair point; we need to get the Wraith balanced carefully. I feel like eliminating damage entirely would change that ability too drastically, and make it too weak. Keeping knockback would be neat, and that might work.

@Drunken_PwNeR I definitely agree with you; I feel like in that case, the hunters should be alerted.


I like Wraith where she is at currently I personally don’t have any problems tracking her when she decoys as damage to the real one will keep her flickering and very easy to track and she either has the choice to take the damage or warp away and loose decoy. I do see the difficulty with newer players as she is the hardest to track and trap, but she is meant to be that way.

Playing as Wraith I don’t use decoy until stage 3 because it is not reliable damage and if you get caught stage 1 any decent hunter team will dodge decoy and I’m left having to try and fight with no big damage dealer.

In my conclusion I think people should give her more time to get used to hunting and fighting her I do not think she is over powered in anyway. Yes there could be slight number changes to things but all in all I think she is in great shape.


Honestly, there is only ONE thing wrong with the Wraith. And that is how quickly she can warp dash. If she actually had to stagger her warps like Kraken and Goliath do, she would be way more fun to fight.

Decoy is fine, if you dome a decoy, you deserve it. Decoys always warp right towards you, a real Wraith would never do that. Supernova is fine, in fact that’s the best time to really do damage because she is so easy to see. Abduction is fine. Warp blast is debatable, but mostly fine.

It’s just that she can use all three warps so quickly. Fighting her is actually not that difficult, it’s the getting her in a dome that is the real pain in the ass. Just force Wraith to spread out her warps by like .5 seconds more and she would be much easier to deal with.


You mean her traversal abilities, right? Not the attack, Warp Blast, yeah? Because if you’re talking about the warps themselves, I can say I wholeheartedly agree with you. Slight cooldowns and distance reduction would be good; I think both should be added.

I feel like a good hunter team can have enough sense to run out of a Supernova bubble. After all, Wraith players will be in the 12+ level range (I’m assuming; this might be lower in reality), and they’ll be matched with others that have similar amounts of experience, in terms of time played. So…for the most part, those fighting a Wraith should have enough sense to stop her from attacking. And this is where her Abduct can get some easy usage (as opposed to those sneak grabs from 80+ meters away) to pull a hunter that’s ran to the inside of the bubble. But still, a nerf to Supernova damage could work. Her regular damage should stay as is; I feel like it’s at a good spot right now. It allows her to jump in; do some damage, and get out.


@Mufasa I think you’ve just hit the nail on the head. That’s actually my go-to escape strategy as the Wraith, as it allows me to put an absolutely obscene distance on the Hunters, and then I can more or less keep that distance by sneaking everywhere.

Fights are one thing, and manageable. The problem is tracking her down and doming her before she hits Stage 3.


Yes, that is what I meant. I do not play Monster at all as I do not like it, and while I’ve had a lot of problems with Monsters who are obviously better than me and the PUGs I join, I try to be objective. But, yes, the issue is that she can even avoid the dome if she reacts fast enough, and she is too quick to try and cut off.


To be honest, the only thing annoying about the wraith right now is that I’m hunting her 8/10 games. I miss chasing the lightning squid and the fire kitty. :frowning:

I think the Wraith’s mobility can be a little frustrating at times, especially when you get a good player who knows how to move erratically. It really makes cutting off the Wraith a lot harder. But if she warped slower, I’d reckon getting caught in one bad dome fight might spell the end for her.


Well, all monsters can evade the dome if they’re careful enough and if the Trapper isn’t as focused as he/she should be. Wraith’s warps just make escaping incredibly easy.


@Bojio Slower warps, heck yes. I’m totally for some sort of reduction on how fast/much she can move. Also, I feel as if her sneaking movement is almost the same speed as her regular movement when I’m playing her; anyone else?

Playing as Wraith, I also can’t really tell apart when she’s sneaking or moving; and the minimal difference in speed doesn’t help this. Anyone have any tips for how to tell sneaking from not?
(Sorry for double posting)


One BIG problem is that shooting the Decoy puts the Wraith in a combat state. This means the Wraith gets the in-combat stamina bonus to its warps without even being in combat. You can’t shoot the Decoy to make sure its a Decoy, otherwise the Wraith gets to speed up even faster.

I feel as though a very difficult part is that the Wraith doesn’t leave prints when it’s flying. The Kraken does leave burn marks when its flying, but the Wraith doesn’t. You can extrapolate the Kraken’s direction when it flies, but the Wraith can change direction in mid-air.