Wraith, any plans?


Are there any plans to bugg wraith? Im a behemoth and wraith main and while im doing rly well with behemoth lately even against high skilled players, Wraith has been feeling…shit…like really shit

She is powerful dont get me wrong, but she has soooo many counters and weaknesses, and now that stealth is no longer a thing in the game and shes forced to be a brawler, i want to get a answer from a dev:

Are you making any plans to change her stats/kit or give her some buffs, she really needs more health and armor if the brawler playstyle is to be kept, or give her something like when sneaking she becomes invisible to actualy make her what she was supposed to be: a stealthy assassin with a decoy (which needs some srs buffs btw so it actually feeös like a decoy)

I just want her to be viable again and be different from other monsters, we alreadt have 4 brawlers, a mage and a assassin brawler hybrid, but please give us back the pure assassin we all knew and loved in legacy

Regards, Radicator


The thing is many people did not like her which is why she was changed.


Yes, they have plans, not the least of which are Decoy and Supernova “refactors.”


I like the current decoy and supernova =/


Decoy seems OK, though the AI is not always reliable. I had a game today where I set a decoy to go against the last hunter standing and it simply floated up to him and… stood there. He moved, it followed, it tried to attack once and missed, and then disappeared. So I’m glad they are working on it.

That goes double for Supernova, as it simply (to me) doesn’t feel impactful. The potential damage is fairly high but it leaves the Wraith slowed, predictable, and confined to a particular area. Sometimes it is good, sure, but most of the time it feels like a worse Fire Breath because it only gets a little chip damage.

I’m no Wraith expert though, she is only level 32 for me and that includes roughly 7-10 bot games.


The Decoy refactor, if what they’ve said in the past holds up, is basically just making it a targetable attack instead of so heavily AI reliant.

They claimed that they wanted to change it such that once you sic a Decoy on a hunter it won’t stop attacking until one of them is dead.


Doesn’t it already do that?


Yeah, but now you can tell it who to gun for I think.


No, it just sort of ambles around until it spots a target, then it attacks the closest target.

So even if Medic gets aggro’d, you could still draw its attention and lead it away. Not anymore.

It will also make it much more precise, so the Decoy will never again just sort of float around in a fight after being deployed.


I can already do that. It doesn’t have an obvious tell like abduct or slims drone but it does target whoever I’m targetting


That’s cool.