Wraith and Laz


I’m sure both of these have been talked about, but one of them being screamed if the various forums I’ve looked to for help have showed me anything.

Wraith: This monster has invisibility, great movement. and a decoy that damages. Often times when it’s domed at levels one or two, it will just decoy and then hide in a corner until the decoy wears off and the hunters find them, and repeat the process until the dome is gone. The monster MAY throw out an attack or two, but players seem to favor the “I’m invisible, my decoy deals damage, and the cooldown is short so this works out for me” way of playing at this stage of the game,then as the dome goes down run off to farm and get stage three.

And why shouldn’t he? The tools he has at his disposal are fantastic and can actually favor this (and it’s his objective to either destroy the reactor or kill all humans), but this leads to longer, boring games (at least for me and a good amount of vocal people). Hell, I’ve seen the tip “Just camp out at the reactor until he comes for you” pop up more than five times. This is a big deal, TRS. There are people who play your game are saying to sit around and let the monster eat because of how difficult it is to catch and hold on to at times. This process of sitting around takes anywhere between 5 and 15 minutes depending on if the monster decides to find a specific buff or not, with the added option of him singling out targets after all this (on some maps).

It’s annoying, but I might have a solution. Val has tranq darts, but I’ve noticed that when she tranqs the monster before he decoys, it just highlights the decoy after the ability is used. I feel that attacks similar to this should still mark the main wraith, especially the tranq (as it has a short duration). You can go ahead and remove slowing effects on the Wraith when effected by the dart before the use of decoy, but it’s a short enough effect that it seems like it wears off if the wraith doesn’t unstealth himself.

The move already gives, from what I understand, and invulnerable damage doing mob that can confuse players, and this forces the wraith to stop playing the hiding game, because he will still have hunters on his tail, but he can hold onto decoy until the tranq wears off are has been on him for a couple of seconds and then proceed to go invisible anyways. At it stands, I believe decoy offers way too much in it’s current form, and believe that is a solid way to keep it’s current power level, while giving it a minor form of counterplay.

And please, if there are tricks to the decoy, throw them at me. I know the animation for it, and can see trees falling occasionally, but often, inside the dome or out, decoy gives a huge window of escape, and has a short enough cooldown that it can just be used over and over again.

And to Laz: Please, for the love of everything, make it so he doesn’t completely destroy any means of the monster attacking a group of players. Unless he is downed, him just being there can deter monsters from even attempting to attack unless they know they can get him. It’s produces game play similar to the wraith, boring and unrewarding. Give the reviving without losing HP an internal cooldown within itself (and put a bar with each players cooldown somewhere in the Laz players HUD, like down with the HP bars) so he can’t stall a game just by being there.

These two characters ruin games for me on either side. I’m all for different play styles, but they delay the game, and deter/evade combat, prolonging a game and encouraging monster players to just farm until level 3 and overwhelm. It doesn’t feel like I’m hunting anymore than it feels like I’m playing a slow game of tag when games turn out this way.


I fail to read the sarcasm.