Wraith and Goliath don't jump / warp in the direction they face


Hi everyone,

While playing Goliath and Wraith, I saw a difference with their travelling ability, jumping with Goliath, and warping with Wraith:

  • Goliath: let’s say the monster faces the north and you move your camera to look at the south, then hit the jump button, he will jump to the NORTH.

  • Wraith: once again, the monsters faces the north and you move the camera to look at the south, then hit the warp button, she will warp to the SOUTH.

To me, the monster should move in the direction the camera is pointing, in this example Wraith moving to the South seems intuitive to me.
I jumped multiple times into mines / orbital barrage with Goliath, because of this.
To me, all monsters movement ability should react the same, not to confuse the player.

What do you think about it?
Thanks for your answers and have a great day. :slight_smile:


not going to work. a good wraith also has warp blast as a warp travel ability and he’d still be able to call that


I don’t get it because I’m playing on pc #pcmonsterrace


I’m not sure I understood.
It seems to me that every monster ability is launched into the direction the camera is looking, not the one the monster is facing (which is intuitive to me, so I’m totally ok with this).

I’m gonna make a drawing, to explain better what I meant.


I’m also playing on PC.
Ok, I’m doing the drawing, I wasn’t clear enough. :slight_smile:


I feel the balance of the game requires you to turn Goliath manually for a jump, also you could do silly things with Goliath if you stood still facing one way, turned the camera, then jumped the other way instantly.

Haven’t played Wraith but seems like Wraith should be working as intended. Answer me this, which direction is the Wraith facing when it comes out of warp? North or South? Wraith should face the same direction she was oriented out of warp, that would make the most sense I’d say. Considering the abduct ability keeps her looking in the same direction.


Hm, I’m pretty sure she faces south after the warp, while she was facing north before.
(Drawing incoming)


I do agree with that, Goliath instantly jumping in another direct with its wheight doesn’t seem really realistic. He has amazing physics and I wouldn’t consider changing it.


Another problem with wraith, although this is probably considered advantages to the wraith is that Wraith can Warp Blast upwards, and then “blink” in a direction in mid-air, effectively giving them air time, something I think should be disallowed seeing as wraith has enough ways to negate incoming damage, they shouldnt be allowed to totally avoid emplacements in between decoys in a dome.


While that is a good point, I had considered using that ability in a similar manner.

Going over an edge and then abducting back at the group, then warping back to the group, while the singled out hunter falls however far. Would your suggestion break that plan of attack?


you can just use warp blast to give you a much more speedy movement buff, you never get caught by mobile arena if you warp blast then warp 3 times, it’s not possible.


Image added, for better understanding:


Hah, that’s a good illustration. I think we got the gist of it.

It all boils down to game mastery, I feel this game lends itself to the more hardcore or serious gamers. In that sense it shouldn’t need to make sure it has the kind of accessibility Call of Duty or Battlefield does.


you’re telling me behemoth isn’t an M320 LVG


This would be a bad solution because you would jump without a turning-animation. This would look like a bug. The other solution would be to add a delay to the jump to have time playing the turning animation of the goliath. Both solutions are bad, so I think it is better, when the goliath jumps in the direction it is already facing. You need no delay or turning animation in this case. This problem doesn’t exist for the wraith because it is warping.


I have a feeling that’s what Behemoth is going to be compared too, actually.


Interesting catch, I have no idea if this is intentional or not.


Right, well you have to turn your monster around, which takes time - similarly with Dota - if you use an ability behind you that requires you to face the direction you want to use the ability, you have to wait until your character turns around.
I think what you’re suggesting is that if your camera is facing the opposite direction of the said monster, and you press space(I’m a PC nerd), your character should turn around and then jump or warp in the direction your mouse was facing at the time.

In which case I think that would feel super clunky and, imo, the way it works now is fine.
I think the way it works now is intentional, and it felt fine to me in all the beta’s/alpha :smile:


If i remember correctly there was a loading screen tip, which said something about wraith warping the direction she´s facing.


Wraith/Kraken traversals don’t require you face in a direction to use it in that direction, like how you can jet pack backwards (I often do this as Kraken, Vortex then traversal straight back and up 3 times and I’m out of range of an arena but I digress)