Wraith and Behemoth balance suggestions


From being a heavy behemoth and wraith player, i would like to put my 2 cents in toward what i think would help balance them. Even if this only helps with 1% of their balancing.

Behemoth’s skills i think are 95 percent perfect at the moment.

Lava bomb (no change needed)
Fissure (glichy when standing to close to a wall) possibly make half a meter wider on both sides

Tongue grab - I would love to see rank one about 5 meters longer but not needed

Rock-wall - This skill is where my problem lies with his skills. What i would like to see, is something along the lines of, Does not break due to hitting Daisy or shield drone. Also either a min cast range so that you cant cast it close enough to break it on yourself, or if you cast it to close to yourself it pushes you backwards and again doesn’t break.
Currently one wrong twitch of your hand can cause you to competently ruin your rock-wall and since its on a pretty heavy CD this means your skill and half the time your escape is worthless.
I would rather see the hunters chose to get in your face so that you have to cast it and it locks them in with you whether all of them or some depending on how they are arranged. This would make hunters make more of a judgement call rather then you having to spend 2 or 3 extra seconds aiming it trying to be 100 percent certain that you don’t ruin it casting it on yourself or daisy.

The only other thing i would like to see done with behemoth (glad Roll Spam is gone) is that he is either sped up, which i think it might be over kill to make him much faster during traversal. But currently at least i haven’t been able to. Get away from a sunny crow/Abe combination. Personally since i don’t feel that any other monster’s traversal is effected by Stasis i do not feel with the current hunters that are out that behemoth should be effected by these either. As it is he is very limited to the routes he can take at top speed due to being a rolling ball. (love this concept) but in practice against any properly organized team it is near impossible to escape the moment they find you.
If increasing his getaway isn’t an option or the idea your looking for for behemoth my other suggestion is increasing his skill or melee base damage so that he has a higher chance than other monsters to get stage one downs on hunters.

Currently i feel wraith is in an extremely good place in pub matches and is very slightly under powered, against well orginized teams.

Warp blast - I feel needs its damage dropped slightly just so that its not the End all be all skill.

Abduction - i have been going over and over this skill in my head, and i feel that since at long ranges this is a very skill shot based skill, that the damage should go up the further you abduct someone.

SuperNova - Currently i feel that this skill is finally in the best place its been and i really wouldn’t change a thing.

Decoy - I feel that this skill needs a revamp in general. What i have come up with in theory (another words my head) would work perfectly.
Decoy first off should prioritize any hunter within 40 meters of casting it over wildlife. Secondly Decoy Should be reworked that when it spawns it is spawned with half the wraiths current health and 1/4th of its armor. The decoy should be indistinguishable from the wraith for its duration. Either it ends or its health runs out.
Second for the wraith is that ranking this skill up should no longer increase its damage. Ranking this skill should increase its Duration, Thus giving the wraith more time to sneak around and get better positioning on the hunters, and in my opinion making this monster feel like the ninja/assassin that it was designed to be.
However i would not remove the Flashing in and out of invis that was added if you shoot the real wraith while decoy is out.


Unkillable in most scenarios, (It isn’t feasible to deal 2-4 bars of health damage in 4-7 seconds) but in the scenarios it is killable, only an assault can really do it. The developers have considered this option and rejected it because only the high damage classes could use the method to get rid of it.

Damage is currently THE reason to rank the skill up. Having a 16 second decoy isn’t appealing to me. Only being able to use decoy to reposition isn’t worth more than a point.


Appreciate the response, Reasoning behind both of those that you posted to is that the point of it isn’t whether the hunters can kill it through damage, which if a wraith was at half health it would have very little life. But that’s not the point the point is that its a “Decoy” so it should be able to make the hunters second guess if they are hitting the real wraith. Granted its an AI so smart hunters will pick up on it rather fast, or the decoy takes 2x or 3x damage. and i would say it would max out at like 9 seconds. But in either event I appreciate the feed back, but i still think it should work more as a decoy and not as another way to do damage.


Behemoth’s Lava bomb should be changed. It can’t be aimed once you start the animation unlike every other monster skill that is a projectile. For as slow as it is, I should at least be able to aim it all the way up until he spits it out

I don’t mind the rock wall bugs because often times if you aim it right you don’t get a bug. Once I realized the spots where I can and cannot place it correctly I don’t get that bug almost ever, maybe once in 100 rock walls.

I want his bug where his traversal ignores gravity completely and he just glides in air while in the ball. You can’t steer any direction nor do you gain any speed like you are supposed to. This happens at least 3x a game just trying to maneuver around the maps.

For Wraith, I would just either lower the damage on Decoy or make it so it can be completely destroyed and not flash when shot. Abduction is also very glitchy so maybe work on that.


I don’t understand. Why would you suggest it if it isn’t so it can be killed through damage? That makes no sense to me.

I disagree with the concept of a skill becoming weaker based on how much health the monster has either way.

I’m saying there is only so much duration increase that you can give before it starts being ridiculous. 9 seconds of repositioning isn’t needed for a single use of decoy. 9 seconds of repositioning would just become 9 seconds of hiding.

Wasn’t bringing that up or trying to argue otherwise.


Actually did some talking with other people and, its a valid point that once again it would become a hiding game. So my second thoughts on wraith, are that it should be a flat 3-4 second decoy as stated above except ranking it up 1 2 and 3 points would produce a 10 20 or 30 percent increase in wraiths movement while being invis for quick re positioning.

Again im not 100 percent sure what needs to be done to wraith to make it feel as they intended and make it work in this type of game. Although at her current state i dont feel she quite fits in.