Wraith and 4th monster thoughts


First I would like to say this with care and sensitivity…OOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIGGGOOOOODDDD!!! First I’m excited for wraith because I love being the ninja you never see coming. But the third golem like one is the one that had me lost for words. My favorite are probably goiter to be are goliath and the fourth. I am a tank person who wants to be in your face and pressure you an give no space to fight back. What are your thoughts guys. Watch evacuation trailer


I don’t know what it is about Wraith but I don’t like how he/she/it looks. It reminds me of an underdeveloped Kraken, or a maggot or something. But to be fair, all I’ve seen is one leaked shot and a blurry picture from a trailer. I also haven’t played them and don’t know anything about their abilities, but those are my first impressions. Still looking forward to playing them.


We already have enough topics open to discuss Wraith and such. Move to the other topic plz.


Well this is the thing that’s big so I’m sorry but this is what im talking about


He is quick doe so he can’t be fat


The scene where the Wraith is kept in isolation with the view of the Scientist might suggest it was created as a countermeasure to the threat of the Monsters, but probably failed due to the increasingly dangerous situation on Shear and was let loose accidentally before it was finished; where the facility it was held in was compromised.

I think they gambled on creating their own Monster as a last ditch attempt to save their assets on Shear because of huge investments made to the planet, but due to the rapidly deteriorating conditions; corporations like NORDITA hired Private Military Companies and the Hunters to provide security for evacuations, probably due to the fact that a full-scale Military Response would be too slow.

We know from the view of the planet there are large orange areas illuminated to suggest that Shear is heavily colonized with a large infrastructure which has already been destroyed by the Monsters by the time our Hunters are contracted to assist in evacuations, and these aren’t small isolated colonies from what I expected at least.

I think the monsters were created by scientist

My friend wants to run an intervention for me…

i watched the evacuation video about 15 times today. I can’t get enough of Kraken and Behemoth. The wraith teasers are tearing me apart too.

I might be dead due to an over excited state of being and ill just implode and ill never be able to play evolve! D: maybe i need the intervention LOL


So are the dlc monsters going to be 15 dollars?


The Monster Expansion gives you a Goliath skin and the 4th Monster.

A single DLC Monster probably means $10

A single Skin = $5?


Yikes! 10 char


I’m just speculating the pricing costs. :stuck_out_tongue:


Or you pre-order and get it for free ;D


they’ve said 10$ alot i think theres other content that equates to 5$ maybe the goliath skin?


I have only seen a couple of images of Wraith so far. It’s very difficult to make out. From what I have seen the first thing that came to my mind was Kerrigan from Starcraft. The exceptionally stealthy and high speed gameplay doesn’t quite appeal to me. The role of a big boss monster is far more appealing. It is nice to have diversity on the monster side! Can’t have all the monsters playing the same! I think Wraith might provide an interesting change of pace.

$15 for a single monster? LOL :laughing: I hope that $15 is a fictitious “compare at” price. On a $60 game I don’t expect that kind of high pricing for an additional single character.


My personal opinion is that Wraith is not the 4th monster.
They have shown 4th monster image(black image) but we dont kn ow if 4th monster is same as the covered image.
But we know that 4th monster is probably bigger than goliath.
So wraith cant be 4th monster. :stuck_out_tongue:
It sounds crazy and its just my personal opinion as i said before :smile:
I think he is 3rd one.


You’re just stating the obvious. Wraith is the 3rd, Behemoth is the 4th, both were teased in the latest trailer.


Ya wait wtf loll


1 - Goliath
2 - Kraken
3 - Wraith
4 - Behemoth


I just hope 2k’s pricing and conversion is decent, unlike Activision where somehow $1 = £1.