Wraith against 2/3 Chase Comp, who will win? We already know!


Hi All

Wraith against a 2/3 chase comp. Sunny, Val Maggie and Markov. If Griffin or Jack completed the trio I would have probably never got to stage 2!

I complain A LOT on the forums against certain characters so thought I would let you have a look at my play style and hopefully let me know your thoughts, be it good or bad. Please remember I am a human being with feelings so please play nice.


First off, let me say that wasn’t a bad match at all! 1 or 2 things break different and you had that in the bag. But alas, sometimes that’s not whats in store for us.


(+) Holy shit, good job on focusing down Mags
(+) Dat situational awareness
(-) Gotta hit just a few more combos…


(-) I saw you reversed the way most Monsters I see fight in domes Stage 1 and 2. At Stage 1 you did a better job fighting and at Stage 2 you did a better job mitigating.
(+) Great job using that Nomad to get that Strike on Maggie.
(+) Good Trapper focus. You didn’t have too many options and when you committed, you committed and it paid off.
(-) I feel you could have pressured Val a little bit more throughout the match. You had a couple instances where you forced her to pop the HB and could have really focused he down, Sunny could have boosted her, but then switch focus between the 2 to knock one out of position.
(+) Holy shit that Stage 3 dome where you almost got 3 people down! I thought you had that!
(-) Daisy. There were a couple times where you should have focused on Daisy. She can’t be boosted, either forcing Val to use the heals on her or risk losing her. Get a couple strikes on her and it makes the Tracking of Maggie useless, plus no need to worry bout dem sneaky revives.
(-) Tyrant Buff. Why take it if you didn’t let it regen? When in combat it doesn’t work, unless the point was to deny it to the Hunters, then good job!
(?) Venomhound Buff? In one of the domes it looked like there was a Venomhound Buff. If so you should have made that a priority, that DPS helps a bunch.

Don’t be too hard on yourself, that was an awesome match and if one or 2 things when your way you had that shit! Good Job!


…Are we including Markov as part of the chase comp? Cuz I really don’t think he should be. Markov is fine.


Yeah I think you mean 2/3 @GazzaGreen Right?


2/3 yes. All assaults are pretty balanced I feel, so it’s the three others that can form an winnable team.


No Markov is balanced fine, no problem with Assaults.


Brilliant review, thanks for taking the time to write this, very much appreciated!


No problem, I am stuck at work in front of a Monitor for a New Years Event, so I had some time.

Keep in mind too, these are all things that could easily happen to even the best players so don’t go to crazy over them. There wasn’t one thing that did you in, just a little of everything!

Keep on improving, never grow complacent!


Alright, so:

Right off the bat- I recommend learning some good feeding routes for this map. You only had three meats down when the hunters dropped, and that’s a massive disadvantage, especially against this comp. You were making no attempt at stealth, so why not try the speedfeed routes?

They’re rather simple, easy to memorize, and if you practice with them you’ll have like 75% evolve meter at drop IIRC.


In that S1 dome on Ghost Town- solid mitigation, especially considering the comp, but I feel like you could’ve made better use of verticality and slight combat displacement to cripple their damage and CC a bit; that aside, there was a moment where I feel you could’ve taken out Val- or at least done a massive number on her- at little risk; she was isolated from the team with only Markov nearby and giant rock pillar separating her from Sunny and shield drone, and traps, and that little dip is notorious for Wraith players to stun combo hunter players down in Arena.

But you chose to miitgate, which is perfectly fine. Probably a better decision in all honesty.

Then the dome drops and you get a solid bit of distance and dodge those tranqs, and you immediately try to kill and eat a Mammoth Bird.

First off, this is chasecomp. D: Never, EVER, ever try to eat on the run against these guys. Especially since they were RIGHT behind you, and tranq had just worn off.
Never eat on the run vs a chasecomp especially. Always go for distance, possibly a juke, before you try to feed up.

Secondly, once you’d made the decision to try gain distance, you then jumped back on the hunter who’d just interrupted you. That was a mistake; once you make the choice to bail, you bail, and fleeing would’ve been smart as the hunters were right on your tail and grouped up at full health with you S1 and no armor.

And I would continue but my internet is being mean and not letting me watch past that part. D:


It seemed like you were burning your traversals really quickly, before one was even complete. Might help getting away if you can maximize their full distance. I tend to do that with kraken.

On wraith trap in particular, especially with the movement speed perk, after a dome I would just go straight to the opposite side of wherever I was. It’s a huge map, make them cover more distance. If you follow the outside of that map with a Maggie & Sunny it makes it quite easy for them to keep up, and cut you off.

Speaking of Maggie- I don’t know optimal feeding routes, but head to the jungly section, lots of mammoth birds and a good possibility to juke her. I try and get my first dome in the jungle; it’s harder for the hunters to see, crowbill sloths, usually a loop, and once it is up you can head to the platform with the nomads across the whole map for an evolve underneath with quick post evolve reaver-tizers.


There is already a thread for gameplay.

I know because several of mine have been sent there lol.



Chase Comp?! - Just normal hunters…

First of all you wasnt bad at all but:

  • You dont care about birds
  • No burst damage
  • Why focus the assault?! stage 2
  • Bad eating routes
  • Bad damage mitgatting
  • Bad aiming
  • Bad Evolve places
  • Run stage one!!! Dont eat if they are on your back.
  • Sunny was almost down, why running then?!
  • Wildlife hits you all the time
  • Use ALL your abilities or change the monster

Honestly I play on console and even there Wraiths have a better aim like this.

If the game would be balance for this monster gameplay then hunters have no chance in high level play (Silver, Gold)!

I think you are a nice guy and this text sounds maybe a bit rude but its just my shitty english…


I don’t particularly agree with calling it the cancer comp. I feel like chase comp is more appropriate.


During stage 2, you are focusing the trapper who can then get help from the support and medic combined. You cannot out damage both of them at stage 2, even at stage 3 it’s hard.

Next time focus the medic exactly the same way you focused the trapper at 1.50 and the medic will go down. Then, support and it’s a win.

During the full match you didn’t get one good decision in fighting, you always focused the wrong hunter, that’s why you can’t win.


I usually do feed a lot better on this map, eating the 3 bodies down by the captured Wraith and then traversals to the pond where the Tirant is. Lots of mammoth birds along the way up there, right round until usually meet the hunters on the far side somewhere for first dome.

My stealth game sucks so I don’t usually waste time with it, especially since to can get the feeding birds randomly anyway if your not under cover.

Definitely need to do better combat. Its been suggested that I concentrate more on medic or support than trapper which is good advice. At stage 1 though they would have to make a mistake for me to focus too much as Wraith is so squishy, blink and all armour is gone.

Bad habit eating on the run. Need to stop that.

Also I saw the hunter stopping me eat and naturally want to destroy him for it. Should of just disappeared though and punished him later. I’m more of a brawler than a sneak and is the only reason I can play wraith now, as she is tougher in a fight than she used to be.

Good job you didn’t see my stage 3 play, its really bad :frowning: I try to end it on stage 2 tbh as I am better at 2 than 3.


Yes, I have a habit of transporting twice instead of once. Its the way the space bar works on my Razer Orbweaver I feel, I don’t mean to press so quickly. Panic also has a factor I’m sure :wink:

Head to the jungle for food is good advise. Much better to hunt in there than the desert end.

Many thanks


I know the feel. :stuck_out_tongue: The compulsion to eat is just soooooo overwhelming.

In all fairness, the Wraith is poor for Relay fights. She’s MUCH better at S2 hit and runs as opposed to fighting a team that’s sitting tight and happy. [quote=“GazzaGreen, post:15, topic:79874”]
Definitely need to do better combat. Its been suggested that I concentrate more on medic or support than trapper which is good advice.

I highly recommend just learning how to chain your abilities well. Wraith has both melees at full speed with a wide sweep and nice knockback, which allows her to keep some rather nice stun on a hunter and lets you really guide them somewhere, and Abduction. Abduction is so good for combo’ing and with its short CD can be used to keep the pressure on.

Personally, I will always start a fight by sitting in a place that’s tough for a hunter to GTFO from- for example, the bottom of a slope, or a little cave, corner, etc, then Abduct-Warp Blast to CLEAVE through the health. Heals will kick in, then if you’ve picked a nice spot to engage from, Supernova can clean up nicely. If they get away, Abduct recharges fast and can be used to draw them back in.


Just practicing the combos did a lot for me, personally, and thinking long and hard about where exactly to engage from to make it hardest on the enemy team.

Her abilities and melees chain and feel rather natural, easy to get the hang of.

And please excuse the wall of text, didn’t think it’d be this long.


Chase comp is that you have one hunter moving people forward faster than the monster can travel, and another trancing her to an almost standstill. If it was a full chase group with Griffin or Jack, it would have been over in under 5 minutes. Not because the hunters were better, but because they created an unfair advantage combining elements that tip the balance completely into their favour. In the fairness of balance, the game should automatically disallow certain combos where characters together tip balance away from what is fair.

Some answers from my warpped mind to your questions.

You dont care about birds -True, you get random feed birds so can’t see the point half the time.
No burst damage - need to work on this.
Why focus the assault?! stage 2 - Get him to pop his shield and see if he;s out of place later without it!
Bad eating routes - Yes, map knowledge is coming slowly. I usually do a lot better on this map, but this time?
Bad damage mitgatting - Absolutely, need to improve… have improved a lot from where I was just a few weeks ago.
Bad aiming - Yes i know, especially with Sunny zooms players around so fast, there’s no chance of getting them half the time.
Bad Evolve places - Panic, evolve when I can when been pursued so hard.
Run stage one!!! Dont eat if they are on your back. - Yes bad habit.
Sunny was almost down, why running then?! - Where was this? Your right, should of giving her a strike!
Wildlife hits you all the time - Panic at been hunted so aggressively. Not usual for me when I am more in control.
Use ALL your abilities or change the monster - Even worse with other monsters! But I am trying hard to improve. Next best monster is MGoliath where I am having a little success, and Bob depending on the Map and group experience.

Thanks for the review. I have a long way to go I know. I may try putting a MGoliath up next time see if my gameplay is better with that monster?


To me, anything where the combination of characters pushed the balance a lot in their favour is hard. In this case, Sunny with her burst beam and Val with her over the top, almost bring the monster to a complete stop Tranc’s! If it was a full chase comp with Griffin or Jack, it would have been over in the first few minutes, not because the hunter were somehow 100% better, but solely because they had moved the balance so much into their favour the monster has little to no chance of winning!

I feel Sunny and Caira isn’t a chase combo because although its still powerful, Caira’s speed boost isn’t as effective as that devastating tranc and doesn’t change the balance “unfairly” into the hunters favour!

Personally I feel the game should not allow certain characters to play with others that change the balance so much this way. Its to much of an unfair advantage? Perhaps if the monsters damage and resistance changed with certain combos to help keep the balance, it would be much fairer then?


Many thanks for this. Now that its been mentioned it kinds makes a lot of sense. What was I thinking? Perhaps you nailed it by this quote…

Perhaps a better option maybe to get the Medic or Support down, then the other, then Trapper and then Assault! I’ll practice this and perhaps up another video showing how all these comments have improved my game?

many thanks for taking the time :slight_smile: