WRAITH Advice For PUG hunters


Well guys its a simple as this… Communication all these videos shown are showing me a lack of it! If you have it… its GG its why no nerfs have happened so please quit the QQ and buy a mic you’re looking bad right now and seems like u want to be spoon fed… btw i have never touched the wraith! To dedicated hunter players. I promise you if you and your team are able to talk you are gonna lol at urself for not doing it sooner. Communication is the key to all victorys it has been and always will be.By the way if your in a pug don’t expect to beat a decent wraith player if your not useing voice communication but to be fair this is with all monsters.


While you’re well meaning, the problem is that the wraith has such a low skill floor to do well compared to the other monsters. I think it needs to be reworked.

I am a truly terrible monster, but I can win against uncoordinated teams with wraith. When I run Kraken or Goliath, the teams have to be unbelievably horrible for me to win. I think the wraith needs to be changed so that it becomes more challenging to use, but I can’t think of a way to do this.


Yeah, they said Wraith was difficult thanks to her health, but… Well.


She’s too sneaky. I’ve actually changed my perspective on her after playing against one of the top 20 wraiths. This guy maxed decoy and while we could find him, it was just too much work to actually deal with it. It got exhausting just chasing shadows and guessing. It’s just a frustrating mess.

I think Wraith has to be rebuilt like Phantom Lancer is in Dota. Makes lots of fake illusions that are all very weak and can split focus fire, but the real one is tankier and if you kill the real one they all die.

At the very least she has to be rebuilt. I’m not one to jump on the train for “anti-fun” but her elusiveness doesn’t really have a counter. Traversal is immune to CC, including harpoons, decoy is super powerful, and warp blast covers too much distance.

I’m going to follow up this post with a theoretical design for her.


She does need something. A lot of people suggest a full rework, and that may be necessary in the end, but I really think a couple of smaller fixes can help out. I don’t know, but something obviously has to change.


I don’t think changing her numbers will make people happy. I’ve actually made a post on my ideas of how to make her interesting to play against instead of just replaying here.

If you’re interestined:


I’m a pretty good monster and I play as Wratih/Kraken I prefer the Kraken because it is way easier to slaughter than the Wraith imo, but playing as the Wraith I think people think that the decoy spam is op not so much the wraith. I didn’t spam decoy and slaughtered the hunters. People will abuse it and some won’t, I personally don’t because I do not want to become a hypocrite.


It’s not that it’s broken, it’s that it’s annoying as hell.