Wraith Adaption for whenever it Happens Ideas (would like input)

So I left Evolve for a bit to work on midterms and I came back to a new map and a slight refactor of Wraith. While I’m happy she’s gotten some change, I just feel like she isn’t going to be the stealthy one and more of a brawling Wraith. So we all know that rework of Behemoth is coming, but I’m still curious about if a Rework of Wraith is going to happen. Essentially, we have the Wraith now as the Brawler, and the whenever-sometime-in-future Wraith adaption the actual “stealth aspect”.

Sooooooo Random off-the-bat suggestions for the “stealthy” version of Wraith.


  • Idea 1 — Camouflage: Ever seen a chameleon? They use their surroundings to blend in to either protect themselves from predators, or to sneak up on their prey. This Passive is if the Wraith is crouched and not moving, she blends in with her surroundings, waiting to spring a trap, hide, move around, etc. In that mode, if the Trapper is within a 50 meter radius, the Planet Scanner can detect direction, but cannot see the wraith’s overlay.

  • Idea 2 ---- Undetectable: If the Wraith pauses for about say, 3-5 seconds, she enters a undetectable state where the planet scanner cannot pick her up. During this time however, she cannot move period until the scan is gone or risk being detected. The 3-5 seconds is so that Wraith players can’t just instantly go down and be undetectable, they have to anticipate when it “might” be used instead of when they hear it being used and instantly stopping.

  • Idea 3 ---- Scrambling: If the Wraith is within say 60-80 meters of the hunters and the Planet scanner is used, it will start freaking out pointing in all sorts of directions. This means the wraith is close, but you cannot EXACTLY pinpoint where she is.

  • Idea 4 ---- Hunter’s Revel: By default, Wraith has increased pounce damage

The Warp Blast

  • Idea 1 — Disorientating Blast: The Wraith would Enter a portal on one side, then would jump out the other end with a blast that disorientates the hunters if caught in it. This can be taken for say either wobbly screen, bright light and ringing, or something like temporary blackness of screen slowly fading back.

  • Idea 2 — Portal Blast: The Wraith jumps through a portal and out the other end to a target location. When she enter’s the portal, she cannot be seen until she pops out the other end (kinda like a “Surprise!”)

  • Idea 3 — Mini Blasts (3x) — The Wraith can jump 3 consecutive times and runs on an ammo system of sorts which recharges over time. They don’t have much range or damage as OG blast, but can be used in quick succession to separate people, or push a person somewhere.

The Abduct

  • Idea 1 ---- Portal Abduction: The Wraith Aims in a direction and goes through a portal, popping out the other end, and grabbing a hunter if they’re there. This abduction can go through walls. However, if it’s overshot or undershot, (meaning calculating the range and where the hunter will be when you pop out the other end) then the Wraith will miss. This is essentially A hard-to-hit skillshot, but rewarding when done correctly.

  • Idea 2 ----- Adjustable Abduction: When in the “Abduct state” which means holding down the button, using your mouse or right control stick, you’ll notice a blue circle around the “red circles”. When you go in any direction using the mouse or right joystick, it’ll curve the abduction allowing you to abduct around corners. This “blue circle” can be used to adjust any area of the red circles to curve up, down, left, or right.

  • Idea 3 ----- Controlled Abduction: When the Wraith’s Abduction is used, the player will be able to control the turning of the Wraith to go around corners, down cliffs, etc.

The Phantom

  • Idea 1 ----- Illusion: If the Wraith is close enough to the hunters, she can cast a “illusion” which makes the hunters hallucinate wraiths everywhere, and be bumped around (not damaged) when hit. The hunters have to figure out which is the “real wraith”. The Illusion ends after a period of time.

  • Idea 2 ----- Smoke Screen: When the Phantom disappears or is defeated, it bursts into smoke which limits the hunter’s sight.

  • Idea 3 ----- Invisibility: This pertains back to the Legacy Evolve, where Wraith will turn invisible after using phantom (though back then it was called decoy) for a short period of time.


  • Idea 1 ---- Keep it the way it is

  • Idea 2 ----- Speed increase/Traversal regen increase: The Wraith gains temporary ability to traverse multiple times for a short period of time, or have her speed increased (also works during stealth crouch).

What will the Point of this Wraith Adaption Be?


Low Hp and damage then other monsters, can’t fight very well in dome except for some smoke-and-mirrors tricks, but is the best at patient stalking and abduction and pouncing. A true stealth monster.

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God, no. A monster like this would be horrifyingly trash against good teams, and a pure nightmare against PUBs.

I like the idea of an elusive wraith, but it its too undetectable, it will be very op

Since I’m on a mobile device, I can’t post a surprise, motherf*cker meme…

Precisely why there are multiple ideas and not 1 :v

Passive -
I like the concept of camouflage, where under certain circumstances, the Wraith gets a sneaky cloak effect and is hard to spot visually.

I don’t like that ideas 1-3 are fundamentally planet scanner nerfs. (Idea 4 is already a perk set.) A mechanic that only interacts with one Hunter and one part of the kit is not an interesting one, and I think a wider-reaching effect would be more interesting for both sides.

I would be more interested in a more consistent visual cloak, where nearly the only ways to pin down the Wraith are with the scanner, Trapper’s finding abilities, vision perks, or some particularly clever Hunters using noise cues. (Since both sides are adapting to each other as the timeline moves on, I like the concept of the Wraith figuring out how to not stand out to the eye, but still falls victim to technology.)

Warp Blast -
Disorienting blast just sounds like a lag nightmare, but I like the other two. Portal Blast feels a little too much like Abduct, but I think the miniblasts could be interesting. Say you had to target three locations and then the Wraith jumps from those three points and releases smaller versions of its original warp blast on the way?

Portal Abduction - I just see causing a lot of glitches where a Hunter or Wraith gets stuck in a wall.
Adjust Abduction - You clearly have a visual in mind for this, but I don’t follow.
Controlled Abduction - I think this could be interesting, but have a shorter range or something to compensate for its flexibility. Interesting anti-roaching tool, I suppose.

The Phantom
Illusion - This just screams lag city. Too many models.
Smoke Screen / Invisibility - These could both be interesting if done well.

Supernova -
A brief speed boost to escape could be interesting.

It can be used to defeat premades too IF the monster player knew what he/she was doing. Take abduction for example. Even if the entire hunter team stuck together, the Wraith can still separate them and pounce on the target she abducted, killing him before the other hunters could get to her.

Disorientation or illusion could also help against the teams

It is too fun and TRS hates fun so they will never add it.

Did it for u :relaxed:

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It’s so cute 0.0

Just like how they hate the choice of words you used to describe Parnell earlier today?

Wraith was stealthy, and everyone hated it. It was absolutely terribad. Like, a lot of people quit the game because Wraith was literally the most overpowered thing to ever have been in this game.

@Gaming_Meta, that’s the exact issue. Incredibly stealthy characters are absolutely horrible in this game, as evidenced by launch Wraith. Everyone hated it then, and they would definitely hate it now.

Aren’t they trying to make more stealthy with the passive?

The passive helps with her assassin play style. It doesn’t make her stealthier, but it does help her punish teams she manages to pull apart even worse than before.

they said it was because too many people flagged.

Because it’s completely inappropriate, terrible, and completely goes against all rules of the forums. But enough getting off topic.

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well regardless of what their reasons and yours were, they are not the ones I meant when I said that devs hate fun. I don’t think the moderators work in the game, they don’t program or hold important choices at evolve.

When I said that devs hate fun, it was directed towards the programmers and the staff that designs the game and takes the important decisions regarding nerfs etc.

It’s not the same people.

I’m pretty sure everyone hated your comment. :frog::cocktail:

I thought you said you werent going to get on offtopic. I am talking about what I said on this thread, but if you want to talk about what I said in the other thread, you are wrong, there are several people in the game who also hate that stupid useless crap of an assault. I only like to see him when I am a monster but I also kinda pity the hunter team a little bit.

Following a certain trend.

Goliath: Bursty = Meteor Goliath: DoT
Kraken: Long Range Ambusher = Elder Kraken: Short Range Burst
Behemoth: Lava = A.Bob: Ice

we could say that

Wraith: Hit/Run Melee Assassin = Adaptation: Brawler/Ranged Assassin maybe she’ll get some ranged attacks? or she might still be an assassin of sorts but instead of relying to get upclose and personal she can deal with hunters from afar.

If Wraith’s adaptation will become a brawler

Energy Surge: Wraith gather’s up energy and explodes dealing damage in a wide radius.

  • Similar to how Kraken’s Aftershock but with a huge knockback
  • Will deal lesser damage than og Wraith’s WB
  • Will have longer cast time
  • Can move while casting but is slowed similar to Kraken or Kelder

Abduction: Wraith warps in a line damaging and carrying (everything/the first target) she collides with with her.

  • Instead of an isolation ability this becomes a gap closer
  • The distance traveled is constant, if she casts it and hits someone at max range no extra distance will be traveled. Hit someone at point blank and they will be dragged with her until the end or if she is stopped
  • Can be stopped with terrain, harpoons, repulsor

Spectral Scream: Wraith screeches and damages everything in a cone in front of her

  • Replaces Phantom since she is more tanky and doesn’t need a meat shield
  • Can function similar to FB but without the DoT or have a wider cone and affect everything in front of her but have limited range.

Supernova: Wraith coats herself in energy amplifying her attacks and disorienting the hunters

  • Supernova now sends shockwaves to damage targets from a distance
  • Supernova will have a mini knock back upon getting hit
  • It will no longer attack in flurries
  • Her attack animation will be similar to her heavy attack
  • Each wave will deals damage, targets hit directly with her claws will take more damage
  • Has a hit cap of 3 which can be augmented by leveling up
  • Infinite hit cap if used on anything that isn’t a hunter (Deployables, Wildlife)

Passive: Mark of the Phantom: Wraith’s attacks gives a stack of MotP, upon reaching 4 stacks the target will get a debuff called “Marked for Death”. Enemy’s who are marked for death will receive bonus damage on Wraith’s next ability.

  • Instead of isolation she needs to melee the hunters at least four times to get the bonus damage
  • Marked for Death can be stack up to 3 times. Each stack makes the target receive 5% more damage on the next ability
  • Cannot be stacked with SN. A marked target will take bonus damage on SN. Use your abilities wisely

This Wraith will be tankier than the original but will lack burst. She will however have range and aoe as an advantage. In order to deal more damage she needs to apply stacks of her passive to her target then following up with an ability. She cannot position/reposition herself with WB but she can use her abuction to close the gap or disengage. Against long range targets she can use her Supernova damage and disorient them.

#Ranged Assassin

Passive: Mark of the Phantom

  • Same mechanics as earlier but can now be stacked with SN
  • Cannot be procced by SN

Energy Bomb: Wraith sends out an a sphere of unstable energy that explodes on impact

  • Similar to BM but with travel time on par with LB or RT
  • Can be body blocked
  • Has two forms of damage, direct impact and aoe

Spectral Scream: Wraith channels and let’s out a high pitched scream that damages and knocks back enemies caught in it’s wake

  • Similar range with abduction
  • Knocks back enemies instead of pulling it towards you

Juxtapose: Wraith sends out a stationary copy of herself sending out energy waves that damages the hunters.

  • Can be used as a sentry in dome for extra damage
  • Can be used as a means of distraction outside the dome
  • Is immobile but has fairly low HP (lower than Phantom)
  • Has long duration and high damage
  • Doesn’t proc nor stack MotP
  • Has the same heavy attack animation as Wraith

Supernova: Wraith coats herself in energy amplifying her attacks as well as her clone’s.

  • Functions similar to og’s SN but now sends out energy waves
  • Hits in flurries of 4
  • Has a hit cap of 3 flurries
  • Upon activation her clone will get an attack speed boost

Unlike the normal Wraith this one excels at long range battle. She is still brittle and can be taken down easily. She lacks the mobility of her original counterpart but she can deal damage to hunters on the fly. Proper positioning of Juxtapose is key, use Supernova to get stacks of MotP and use either EB or SS for the kill.

I think it would be cool if warp blast actually sucked opponents in and did damage. Like a vacuum having it a Dot could work better