Wraith Adaptation (Void)


So I did a search and saw no recent threads on adaptations so I hope its okay if I start my own here.

So Void Wraith. Jet black like space itself. The armor glows like light being pulled into a black hole. Think of how the light distorts around it. That’s what it would look like.


Imagine the supernovas radius ball looking like this super colored explosion.
How is it different? Instead of faster speedy attacks it turns your all your melees to heavies so they hit like a true supernova.

Warp Blast
A true warp. Example: You are staring down the Wraith. She warp blasts your way and right before the explosion she teleports right behind you hitting you from the back. Should still be dodge-able like the first one. Its only change is it is a slight displacement, basically like it warped behind you.

No idea here. :frowning: Maybe some sort of light altering field instead of a clone? I don’t know.

Initially would work like the original but at the end, instead of letting go she flashes you into a void for a few short seconds. Basically leaving you in the emptiness of space dealing damage (due to lack of oxygen and atmosphere). After a few seconds you would return back to where you were upon being abducted.

So what do you guys think? Also I apologize about no decoy change. I really have no idea what to do to incorporate that.


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