Wraith Ability Help Please :|


i think the savage on the goliath looks really awesome ;O


Got my first real death with it, so I will never play with it again!!! :smiley: I played a little too long with the hunters and they were able to take me down at the relay after a lucky dome with Hyde and Cabot. It is still a pain in my hearth :smiley:


Why are u happy lol xD


I’m sorry but that abduction technique is crap I was always getting hit with harpoons another method please?


I wasn’t giving tips on how to most effectively farm it, I was just stating how to get the abduction to count towards the mastery. The technique can’t be crap because that is the requirements for the mastery itself. Don’t want to be hit by harpoons? Be careful that you aren’t abducting into traps, kill or try to separate Maggie/Griffin from the rest of the team then start farming or just farm it against bots. To make it simpler set the trapper to Abe, hit stage 3 and keep plucking hunters from the relay.


I am farming against bots…


I know this sounds like a noob question but on tier 2 supernova how do you upgrade it?. Tier 1 was inflict 34009 damage i did that in 3 matches. For tier 2 I hardly inflict 1000 damage. I kill a bunch of hunters with supernova but i hardly get progression. What am i doing wrong. Im currently spamming custom defence btw


Just keep using it! You need to deal obscene amounts of damage with it though. It seems like you don’t get progression because 1K is a miniscule fraction of the requirement. So keep grinding- you only need straight up Supernova melee damage, that’s all.

Good luck! :blush:


the way i did all 3 tier abilities in about 2 hours:

  1. do custom match defend, set to prefer monster and wildlife on high( not necessary just helps) for hunters i went laz/ bucket/ griffin/ parnell
  2. play as wraith, i used ability cooldown and 1 warp blast/ 2 abduction/ 3 decoy/ 3 supernova.
  3. initiate combat with supernova- use decoy- pounce on a hunter while invis- waarpblast into the hunter group
  4. in between this combo back off and use abduction


Thanks i started using other powers in nova i think it messed it up because i didn’t see a blue wraith despite being in the aura


Yh your right used melee only did hunt instead of defend and dealt 57000. thanks i dont know why i found this so difficult i thought it at least be mid air abductions but that was easy


You mean the last tier? tier 3? No way you got 225 abductions in 2 hours. Unless you’ve got the patch and only needed 83 or whatever it is. I spent six hours and have about 130 of the 225. By the time I get it unlocked they’ll have nerfed the shit out of the wraith and it will have been pointless.


I said about. And if ur good with abduction u can easily get 16-20 a match, and if your so convinced it’s gonna be useless then why bother getting it? It only increases the range by 5% and I’d bet u barely use it when u play as her anyway.


A skywraith build will get the job done real quick. Even works in public games. Got an average of forty abductions per match and once even got 75 on a single match.

Max waroblast andd abduction or get to stage three to get some decoy to cover you if you’re grounded. Even with the nerf it should still work.


40? lol ok. Does it count if you just traverse straight up into the air above the team and abduct before you start falling? The T3 abduction is a little vague about distance needed or whatnot. Quit wasting my time farming by sniping from super far away in hunt and tried defend. Got about 11 every 3 minutes there. I am now Elite.


It does I believe, most of my abductions were successfuly done inside domes.


I only read the post, so don’t get fussy if someone already said this. I have the elit wraith skin and the abduction was the hardest for me. Eventually I got a 5 min game with anywhere from 20-78 (I know right) abductions in a single game. You just go solo, do hunt on fusion plant, put 3 points in abduction and just abduct people from their group. THEY HAVE TO BE IN THE GROUP for the abductions to register. Yes, you lose a lot of matches, but it’s still worth it imo. Good luck!


I think the idea behind the 3rd supernova star is that you use abduction to pull hunters back into the range of it so you can potentially kill them


That is my favorite out of the 3 i have those being the default, magma, and orca skins i almost liked the orca one due to how dark it is but i really dont like how its face looks lioe an orca i mean ik its supposed given the name but wish they had one like it just all black ill have to look at the other ones after my evacuation game


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